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Top monitors 3K - 6K range
dc10audio Berlin Studio Monitor if you like high efficiency along with the solid wood constructions not cheep but very unusual 
Berlin R to challenge Magico / Raidho?
Sorry about the confusing post. The website states 62K HZ for the ribbon tweeter?? check 
Best bookshelf/stand mount speakers
to be honest the Chinese woofer in the Vapor does not bother me at all because it still sounds so good. 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
I am posting because I am excited about this product... I've been buying and collecting audio gear for over 40+ years. Has anyone actually look into their patents and significance of the horn ported tweeter or the toned wood resonator. These are u... 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
Hello, As I posted earlier I owned dc10 8PS loudspeakers for nearly 3 years now and am a big fan I've bought and resold Berlin and Berlin mini B stock on Audiogon and currently have a new pair for sale on Audiogon but I am not a dealer I sell 100'... 
Budget of $30K. Help me build a system
First:Buy the best pair of vintage Audio Research tube monoblocks you can buy with the matching pre-amp. Buy a vintage TEAC x 10 Reel to Reel to record digital onto analog tape...Super Cool!Buy pair of dc10audio Berlin Studio Monitors with the sol... 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
This is from stereophile blog sound like vaporware to me.bachMan's pictureOther Speaker Brands Bashing..... dc10audio??Submitted by bachMan on October 29, 2012 - 8:51am.It seems some in the industry are a little worried about this tiny Company dc1... 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
rebbi, jp1208, and vapor 1 same poster.. What's Vapor worried about? Are some innovations cramping his box-o-drivers style??? 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
rebbi no stake ..really why are you here then spending your free time posting I own a 12K pair of dc10 speakers..You just killing some time...Vapor1 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
Sorry english not my first language. 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
nice mention of dc10audio here Powered the Berlin with 2 watts!!!!! When I walked into the Robyatt Audio room, I discovered that Robin Wyatt had come all the way from New York... 
Speaker recommendation please, please, please
dc10audio's instrument 7 it's designed as a front channel high fidelity system that really can play at exceptionally loud levels with very tight bass not super deep bass but fast clean solid sound and they're drop dead beauties designed to last a ... 
Small speaker suggestions
dc10audio Berlin Mini Monitor B stock $1200.00 
The best speaker you ever heard?
my dc10 instrument 8PS power accuracy and engaging..Next is my big TAD's they just need more power but are amazing too! 
Bryston or Levinson for Revel F52
SUPER EASY! Bryston Better sonics better construction BRYSTON!