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Let me explain something to you jive turkeys.
Jive turkey? Redd Foxx back from the dead.  
Warning for Revel lovers
English and US premium audio brands owned by a US conglomerate within a Korean conglomerate. A 2 year world-wide pandemic, supply-chain disruptions, employment disruptions, a less than peaceful transfer of power and now another  humanitarian crisi... 
HiFi vs MidFi
What does "Knuckle Dragging Liberal" have to do with this thread? Is this a political rant or a discussion on what budget comprises different levels of audio quality? I have a Mid Fi budget and make the most of it. If I had the disposable income f... 
Poor grammar is disappointing and decidedly distracting in formal audio reviews.
Americans don't write good English 
Recommended cheaper vintage SS Integrated Amps?
I had a Sansui AU717 back in the day, great amp. If you want something "affordable", consider the lower models from the same line. An AU 317, 517 and etc. Unless you need the power, these sound great, too. 
Best Integrated Amp (for me)
Arcam SA10 has the digital and phono hookup you need.About $800 new. It's predecessor, the FMJ-A19 was often used as a source for the LS 50's by What HIFI. Those can be had on the used market for $400 to $600. Great phono section, but no digital. 
Bookshelf/Small Speakers
What's the budget? At the cheap end, Paradigm Atom Monitors. For about $300, great bass and good treble dispersion. Also Dali's have some in the under $1k range that are surprisingly good. At the higher end, ATC's or the new small Spendors. Need a... 
Ok, but does your audio gear have rotons (metamaterials)?
I mean this in all sincerety, there are many on this thread who are truly erudite in matters of physics and it's practioners. I also now have some understanding of the the concept of "meta". But having a background in marketing and advertising, I ... 
Does Steely Dan sound bright to you?
Steely Dan sounds excellent on my system, through digital or analog sources. 
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
Get a used Arcam FMJ A19. Kinda on the "warm" side with a great MM phono stage. 50 WPC. Used ones range from $400 to $500. Otherwise, a used Rega Brio, not a new IO. Also 50 WPC with a good MM phono stage and a small footprint. I thought the Arcam... 
Speaker size and soundstage
Electronics also play a part. I found that my Revel speakers had a wider sounstage with an Arcam amp, than with a comparable Cambridge Audio amp.  
SS Budget "Tone" Integrated Amplifiers
I really liked my Arcam FMJ-A19. Great phono section. Kinda warm sounding, paired well with Paradigm's which were a bit forward. Probably will work well with B&W's and KEF's which also sound forward, to me. 
How to find the min and max bending radius of a cable.
I found the max bending radius of my AQ King Cobras when one of the channels shorted out. 
Drivers and how to clean them: Notes from ScanSpeak
I use a dry cotton cloth on my Revel aluminim drivers. Just enough pressure to dislodge dust, usually a gentle swipe. 
What is better, analog or digital?
Oh boy, once again the mantra of this topic should be: "it depends".