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Velodyne DD15 - worth repairing the plate amp?
I have a Velodyne SPL 1000 that I purchased new in 2000 for $800, on sale from 1K. It has been in constant, moderate use all of those years in both 2 channel and HT applications. I know this sub was a step down from the DD series of the day, but i... 
It's almost like poll, but certainly more fun
Ah, thanks anyways.  
It's almost like poll, but certainly more fun
czarivey - To each their own. How much do you want for one of your TV's?  
It's almost like poll, but certainly more fun
I find that my iPhone 12 is a sufficient time keeper. I have no idea what that Rolex is worth, but I would sell it in a hot minute. If it isn't worth what a Volvo V90 wagon costs, I guess a new 75" OLED and a short trip to CA would be great.  
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
My "English" amp was made in China. My "American" speakers were made in China. My "American" digital cable was made in China as were my "American" speaker cables. I don't consider myself a "Have not". Maybe a "Don't have as much" or a "Have some".... 
Your experiences with system synergy
To bluethinker66 - Thanks for asking about my system and the elements of synergy. Current system: Cambridge Audio CXA 81 integrated, Revel Concerta 2 M-16's and a Velodyne SPL-1000 sub. Various vintage and used source equipment. Previously menti... 
Phono Preamp Recs under $200 for My System
I second the suggestion of a NAD PP2e. I bought a refurb unit from Safe and Sound for $142. It can also be used with MC's. I found it sounded better than the Cambridge Audio Solo, even through my CA amplifier.  
Your experiences with system synergy
I don't have experience in high end valve equipment, but I find there is a very clear element of synergy, even in my entry-level, solid state experience. All equipment in the audio chain have inherent "voicing". My experience is that the amp and s... 
List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
Eddie Harris and Les McCann live at Montreux - "Swiss Movement" Nina Simone - Harlem Cultural Festival    
Why do speakers improve with more powerful amps?
I agree with the posters who indicate "it depends". My current Revel speakers are rated at 6 ohms with 87db sensitivity. They were initially being driven with a 50 WPC Arcam and I needed to push the amp pretty hard to get the speakers to sound the... 
When are speakers considered Hi-Fi and not Mid-Fi???
If I can afford it, it must be mid-fi.     
Probably a dumb question
Paragon Audio in Ann Arbor, MI. They are online as well. High end used  
How do I know if my systems any good?
If you turn your system on, close your eyes and say "this stuff sounds really good, love the music". You have reached audio Valhalla without all the violence.  
Top two most important sound qualities
I think imaging and soundstage. I'll give up the last 10/10th of detail for a lack of fatigue, if necessary at a budget point.  
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Lord Melton's post has nothing to do with Chi-Fi. Just for the record, I was worse off under the prior administration. Even my paltry 2017 tax cut has expired. Now for on-topic: My "American" branded Revel speakers are owned by a S. Korean conglo...