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Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Hi Keith, How did you like the Almarro 318? I just picked up an Almarro 205 mkii and it sounds pretty damn good for $650 on my Def mkiii's. I don't think it will displace my Art Audio PX-25 but it seems like a very good match with Zu so far. 
Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC
I have the Metrum in the system now and am enjoying it a lot. I have not A/B'd it against the EE Plus as I'm waiting to break it in properly. I also just added a new Pre-Amp into my sytem, so the enjoyment factor could be the Pre or the Metrum or ... 
Modwright KWI-200 Integrated, Any experiences?
I will throw out my experience with Modwright just as are reference point. I bought a used and quite old Modwright Pre-amp that had some issues with grounding. It was years out of warranty but Modwright not only repaired it but they paid for the s... 
Best DAC Mac Mini with HUGE soundstage?
The dB Labs Tranquility was voiced and designed to be paired with a Mac Mini and only has a USB out. It is a steal at current used prices and the best bang for the buck if you don't want to buy a lot of cables, converters, etc. MHDT Havana DAC is ... 
Decware - any substance here?
Yes the HO Drivers are the ones that I had with my Omen Defs. Those paired very well with the Torii. 
Decware - any substance here?
They were just announced this week and since Decware has a two month wait, I would guess that no one has heard them outside of Decware. There is a DecWare Festival in a few weeks if you live in th Midwest. 
Decware - any substance here?
Orangecrush: I had almost the exact same tube compliment and the same fantastic results with Zu Omen Defs w/ HO Drivers paired with the Torii. Do you have the old HO drivers or the new Nano Drivers? Vocals were amazing, life like and very convinci... 
Zu Definition owners who stepped up to the Def 4
Hi Mark, What I remember reading is that the new woofers benefit from firing downward and are braced considerably better in the 4's. I have the 3's and Sean and other owners have told me that the 4 is better in two regards:1. The new Radian tweete... 
KR Audio VA340 MKII vs Melody AN 845
I have heard the Melody's little brother the AN 211 and it is a fantastic amp. The AN 845 is just now hitting the US and the only person that has heard it is the distributor Hugh at Angel City Audio. I know because he is bringing the AN 845 to a N... 
Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC
Hi Guys, I just live a few miles from Sibelius and I just bought his Metrum Octave as I too have an EE+ Dac with upgraded discrete opamps, but I used Sonic Imagery opamps (a local California company). I will post my impressions after I receive the... 
Suggestions for a single source tube preamp.
The Dodd Audio Preamp is what i have in my system is American made and is a very good Pre-amp. The new model even has a variable gain knob to adjust the gain to match your amp/speakers/listening level. All models are made to order, so you just go ... 
Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Gopher: I have noticed continual burn In and improvement over the last month. Sean says they all receive 600 hours of burn in at the factory, but they do continue to get better and better over time. Enjoy! 
Tekton pedragon finish
Mine were satin black and that paired with the driver color quite well. 
I just ordered a pair of Zu Omen Def's
You have endless amp options and yes, older Pass amps are fantastic with Zu. I believe the First Watt F3 would be a good choice. A more expensive choice, but one that is great is a XA 30.5 or the new J2. As for tubes, there are many choices that w... 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
The caps are an upgrade only. The caps are very large and the price on them is over $700 for both speakers if purchased from a parts store, I'm not sure how much Eric charges, but I bet it's somewhere on his blog.