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Speakers to consider around 5k used?
Zu Definition mkiii fits your budget and your music tastes perfectly. The powered subs are perfect for rock and electronica. They are also tone dense and rich on folk and acoustic material. Plus excellent customer service. 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
They sound excellent on guitar, vocals, etc. I do find that Zu does vocals better though as they do not use a crossover, however both are very good with Zu having a slight advantage. 
Allnic L3000 need help with tubes
I can answer that as I've been to Michaels house several times. Yes, the Pre sounds great! He simply needed to change tubes. So good in fact that I bought one myself. 
Pass or First Watt
I had a Pass XA 30.5 in my system and I loved it until I too replaced it with a Coincident 300b. Though my auditory recall is not great, the Pass was excellent and very hard for me to sell. I've had a few nice amps and the XA30.5 was at the top of... 
Looking for a GREAT preamp under $2000...thoughts?
Modwright LS100 can be had in this price range if you're patient. Excellent company, great tubes, and nice sonics. 
$18k Tube preamp for large scale symphonies please
I'm a big fan of the Allnic L-3000. I know two that compared it to the most expensive $20,000 plus Pre- amps and chose the Allnic. 
EE Minimax DAC repair
Did you insure that you oriented the Opamps in the correct direction? Do the stock Opamps work when placed back in their original location? Did you turn the tube button off if you aren't using a tube? 
Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC
I'm waiting on an Audiphileo 2 and a Coax Cable to give a proper comparison. I'm currently using a Digital Optical Cable and I think it is Limiting the Computer Upsampling out of the Metrum. After I receive them, we will be doing a DAC shootout in... 
Narrowing Down the Speaker Search
I agree that Zu Essence is too bright. I did however pair a Zu Omen Def with a Pass XA 30.5 ( the amp upon which the INT-30 is based I think!) with great Synergy. For the music you listen to it is a good fit. I do understand that some people don't... 
Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC
I am actually just using an optical cable and despite that still loving the Metrum. Can anyone comment on a Coax cable vs a BNC adapter for the Metrum? I've read that you need the BNC to get the most out of the Metrum. Does anyone have experience ... 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
The Pendragons are not bright at all. I am very sensitive to brightness And I have a highly reflective room and they are the least bright of any speaker I have owned. The tweeter is quite nice. Your installer likely wants to sell you something els... 
Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Thanks Gopher. I'll give that a try! 
Speaker pairings with Pass INT-30A
Not monitors, but I had the XA 30.5 paired with Zu's and that was a great combination. 
Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?
Yes, the Frankensteins are sadly gone. They didn't match well with the Pendragons, but they would be an ideal match with the new Definitions' nano drivers. You are spot on and I've been on the lookout. The warmth of the 300b would be IMO ideal. Ha... 
Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC
Gopher: I'm using it due to the generosity of a friend. I had the Metrum and want to compare it to the EE Plus before spending more$$$.