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Add a Linear power supply or iFi SPDIF Purifier2?
Depends on what you are trying to do. The IFI spdif thingy makes a pretty big difference if you have a sh…y feed. For tv optical out makes a BIG difference. It was a difference with the Node 2 to the same dac but not that much.   
Convincing your local dealer to let you try speakers at home
Most dealers will offer a discount on new equipment. Not all but most. I would work out the final sales cost beforehand.   
Not sure what to think or do...
Once confirmed everything is hooked up correctly. I would turn it on a medium to highish volume and let it rip for 24 straight hours. At the end of that it’s pretty much is what it is. Not saying there will not be small changes over time but nothi... 
Focal Kanta 2 or KEF Reference Meta 1 plus KC62 sub?
Is the Meta Ref 1 out and in the wild?    You would obviously need to hear for yourself. After hearing and owning both brands some years ago upper speakers I would go Focal.   
DAC better than Denafrips Pontus II
Is that a serious post?    yep they measure perfectly but sound like shot.    not really cause I had the RME and it was really good. Not NEAR as good as my current. Measurements cannot tell you everything playing test tones!   
Fritz Carrera or other possibilities!
CSS  Criton 1tdx. Check them out. They are like 2200 delivered or kit for less. Got a pair on a trade and and am super surprised. For one they have top notch components and are voiced really well IMO. I had low expectations cause I never heard of ... 
Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
Kenji is back ! Don’t you know he will never go back. The Kenjo is back.  don’t you know that he always smokes crack.    anybody know what song I’m parodying?   
Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
@oldschool1948    So you are saying the ripped versions sound better? What difference do you hear? Just curious.   
Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
Anyone heard any news on Spotify Hifi. Sure are talking their time! I'm hoping its great since my wife demands to have a Spotify subscription and I demand to have a "lossless" subscription.   
Advice on Integrated Receiver
@bound4h    yes that’s the one I mentioned a few posts up. Absolutely worth it! It was a 6k unit a few years ago. Lots of power and sounds great. Very smooth and dynamic. It’s been for sale for a while I can’t believe it’s not snatched up at tha... 
Advice on Integrated Receiver
You can get crazy good used speakers for 4K as well.   
Advice on Integrated Receiver
Musical Fidelity A1008 has been sitting for a while on AudioMart. It’s lowered to 1k and it needs to sell at that cost cause that is an absolute steal! Spend the other 4K on speakers and you will have a kick a.s system. Even the phone preamp and d... 
Has the ASR review/hatchet job on the Musetec MH-DA005 Changed Anyone's Mind?
There absolutely a place for measurements I guess. Pretty sure a 20k Lampizator dac would measure like sh.t! Could be wrong but guessing so. Does it sound amazing…. I’m betting so. Things aren’t black and white. My new dac sounds much better than ... 
Raven 300B integrated
Long thread on here about Raven that’s been deleted. Real fishy is all I have to say.   
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
Definitely need to check out a good R2R dac IMO before plunking thousands down on a built in. I was surprised as the sound signature difference for sure! Maybe better maybe worse for you but different I would say. Better for me although I have not...