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Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Thanks Ralph. On the Marantz unit the rcas and ground that would normally be be replaceable at the back of the unit go all the way to the phono pre through the tone arm into the cartridge. I’m looking this up and not coming up with anything for a... 
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Will do thanks. Just left for delayed blizzard holiday. I’ll post next week.    thanks!   
Dac Upgrade
Yes that’s an older integrated. On the whole time has moved on I believe digital has moved WAY more than amplification. I would suggest trying a R2R dac. I’ve only tried one and it is an absolute cracker! Musician Aquarius. There are many and I ma... 
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
+1 Odyssey Musical Fidelity. Was a 1k MF 1008 for sale which is just a great deal! Not sure if it’s still available or not but was 6k 12 years ago. Bested a Parasound A21 with tube integrated and a Micromega M100 which I believe was way overrated... 
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Hello everyone. Still got the problem in a new location with a new Phono Pre and dedicated outlets. Is it possible to upload a video of what’s going on? Thinking maybe seeing and hearing what I got going may give some peeps a different idea and wo... 
Advice for bookshelf speakers
Op What avr will you be using on these speakers?   
Advice for bookshelf speakers
Are you stuck on new?    Something pretty efficient and with a voicing/warmth of its own sine you will powering with an avr. Prob break the WAF rule but Tekton bookshelves would be good in that situation. Nothing is going to sound outstanding unt... 
Best DACs under $7,000.00
@verdantaudio ,   Did you receive your Peachtree unit yet?   
Anthem STF Integrated ARC
Have you scoured YouTube ? seems there is a how to for almost anything. That’s always my go to when working on something.   
Getting back into venal with a $2,000 budget.
I picked up a Marantz tt15s1 on Marketplace for 700 bucks a few months ago. I’m no vinyl expert by any stretch but it sounds way better than the Project Carbon I had before. With the quality of the cartridge and tone arm even at full retail seems ... 
Tekton Double Impacts
I had DIs a few years ago and miss a lot of the things they did very well and they didn’t really do anything objectionable. Looking at maybe getting into some DIs again or even some Moabs in 2023.   
DAC recommendations
I have a Musician Aquarius R2R dac and it’s the best digital by FAR I’ve had in my system and it’s also the 1st R2R dac I’ve heard or owned. No idea how it measures but the damn thing makes everything sound awesome! Like it makes early 90s metal s... 
Swan Diva 6.2 vs B&W Natilus 804
Never heard the B&W. I lived in Shanghai China for 6 years and I actually bought those Swans. They suck bad. Not sure what they sell for here but some negotiation in a China Hifi shop and you can walk away with them for under a grand and they... 
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
@nonoise , Came from pretty good gene stock. Grandmother just died at 106. Excuse me for having some drinks on Christmas Eve although I’m only about 5 in. Havin a few more now puss cakes 🎂.   
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
@bidkidz,   +1 about using cables as tone controls. Cables can make a “different flavor “ difference but will not turn something into something else. Cables ain’t gonna fix your issue.   Sounds like you just don’t like the speakers although the...