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Cambridge CXN V2 or Innuos Pulse Mini?
Pretty sure the user experience will be less “good” than what you have now. There are people using multi thousand dollar streamers that still say Bluesound app is better. Sound quality would be subjective IMO if your using internal dac of the unit... 
New Project RS2T transport
My nad 502 “ I think is the model” is still working after around 28 years! Lost the remote long ago.  
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
It’s like Kenjit for amps! Ha.   
New Rel Carbon Special Sub “Roars” when there is no signal!
+1. Shouldn’t need a dedicated outlet to function properly although you could try it pretty easily.   
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Oh for Christs sake. It’s back lol. Gonna bring the table up tomorrow and monkey around with how this cable set connects to different things I guess. Just wrote that and was playing downstairs for 20 min just went down to shut the system down.   
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
So from right by the cartridge it was 18ohms and under where the tone arms attaches under the table was 0ohms at a small screw. Went with a ground from the preamp to a small nut on the lower part of the attachment point and knocked it out complete... 
Advice for a new analog system
Doesn’t sound like budget is much of a concern.   
Want to add vinyl to my system.
I have a 4K vinyl rig and a 4K digital rig. I would say they are very comparable with the winner going either way depending on the recording. I still enjoy vinyl more and wil say I think it sounds more natural more often that not. Just seems more ... 
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
They could call it … “KENJIT’s Law”. . . . .     
Best amp for Salon 2
Always heard more good clean power the better with them. High current, high watt, high damping factor is what I would be looking for. I’ve never heard a person recommend a tube amp with these speakers (if you listen loud at all) except AudioTroy a... 
(Hegel vs Luxman) vs PS Audio
That room sounds pretty tough. Not sure you could do enough physical room correction. IMO a good digital room correction would be a game changer. I had a Lyngdorf 2170 in my basement. With room correction on it was the only way to get the sound I ... 
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Ok Ralph I tried your above suggestion and it made no difference.    When nothing playing and the volume is turned up a bit there is a descent amount of static through the speakers. If I touch the base with 2 fingers it knocks it out completely a... 
(Hegel vs Luxman) vs PS Audio
What about room correction? Lyngdorf room correction makes a huge difference in a challenging room, I haven’t tried others. I believe that’s going to get you much further than any amp change.   
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Thanks Ralph. On the Marantz unit the rcas and ground that would normally be be replaceable at the back of the unit go all the way to the phono pre through the tone arm into the cartridge. I’m looking this up and not coming up with anything for a... 
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
Will do thanks. Just left for delayed blizzard holiday. I’ll post next week.    thanks!