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Your Wish List for Reissue on Vinyl
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road is available on an import (UK) LP...I have it.My list would include:Stevie NicksSteely DanLinda Ronstadt 
nice turntable that plays 78s
Thorens actually has NEW tables that play 78's that are very nice and priced very nice also. See link below:http://www.thorens.ch/THORENS/thorens.main.php?id=en_200&flash=true 
VPI Record Clamps
Sorry to rock this boat even more. I have all of the listed clamps above, (VPI Delrin and Stainless, BDR 1 and 2 piece). The clamp that I found sounds the best is the Teres Audio Cocobola clamp. It's $200, alittle cheaper than the BDR and IMHO sou... 
Dire Straits "Making Movies" on Simply Vinyl
I have well over 100 Simply Vinyl titles and YES, there are some dogs...arf, arf! However, all of the Dire Straits Albums, (yes I have them all), IMHO are very good. Making Movies is probably my favorite Dire Straits work. I think I have at least ... 
Linn LP12 Valhalla 45 rpm
Linn used a larger thimble type cylinder that went over the existing motor spindle to adapt it to the 45 RPM speed. It had like an O-ring inside that kept it tight against the motor spindle. 
I Can't Stop Playing This Song
Agreed! The whole album is fantastic!! Although I like "Blues Beach" better :-) 
Musical Concepts Modifications
I've had several amps and preamps, (Hafler, Adcom, B&K) modded by John over the years. He and his work are WONDERFUL! Well worth the cost... 
Twisted Lyrics :
When the Eagles released "Life in the Fast Lane", I thought they were saying "Back in the Vaseline"When the song "1999" and "Little Red Corvette" came out, my ex-wife swore up and down that the artist was FRITZ, instead of Prince... 
Best Song or AlbumTitles?
Here is the one you guys missed:Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict-Pink Floyd/Ummagumma 
Sonic difference between MF PSU-v3 and wallwort
I have a X-LPSv3 which is very nice without the outboard power supply, BUT adding the X-PSUv3 took the phono stage to the next level. No wait, it took into the next GALAXY!! VERY WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT. Actually I would consider it a MUST for a... 
sonic frontier line 3 tube options
I would really suggest that you contact Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio (www.upscaleaudio.com). I have taken his advice on probably a dozen different tube units (DAC, Preamp,Amp etc) and he has NEVER EVER failed me! He knows more about retubing equipm... 
Guilty Pleasures?
For me it's:Dexy's Midnight Runners-Come on EileenBuggles-Video Killed The Radio StarCarl Douglas-Everybody Was Kung Fu FightingSweet-Ballroom BlitzTerry Jacks-Seasons In The SunThese bring back many memories...