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New Classic Records Coloured Vinyl
I just picked up the new Norah Jones red vinyl LP played it last night and it too as more than normal surface noise. 
Lyra Titan scarcity
I purchase mind used on audiogon a little over a year ago, like Narrod stated Be patient they will pop up. 
Help CDP over vinyl upgrade advice please
All I can say is I’m looking for the same thing, and I’m slowly realizing that there is no such animal, or you will have to spend a lot more for a CD player and even then they still sound compress and cold next to a properly setup turn table. I al... 
Von Schweikert VR-5SE
Hi all hey MfontanaI have the BAT 75se/VR5se set up and wanted to also give bi-amping a try. But ss amp would have to have volume controls so I could match it with my tube amp. What Mfontana are you using to balance out the two amps? 
where are Zanden dealers in the US
In NYC Sound By Singer ask for Michael. 
A question regarding "tubes"
Please understand that I like the sound of the BAT player and if I never when back into vinyl would be very happy with it. I just wanted to know if in fact, does tube player roll off the highs and limit deep bass in addiction I want a CD player wi... 
A question regarding "tubes"
The Audio Aero Capitol is a very good player, and I have to add that I only heard it a shows, but IMHO that would more of a vertical move, with my setup. 
A question regarding "tubes"
Do you find your BATs soft and lacking treble?Aball (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers)Not so much soft but compared with my other amp the Ayre V-1xe which I will post as well soon. Yes, the treble is not as detailed in the BAT 75se. But I will... 
What speakers are you guys driving your BAT's with
I’m using Von Schweikert VR 5se and with plenty of head room, but I must admit the VR 5se listed at 94db. 
Analog experiment
Do not try to analyze what is happening - just listen and enjoy. The difference, if there is one, will really jump out at you when you switch back. Zargon So True, so true. 
Review: Dynaudio Confidence C2 Speaker
KEF 107s the Dyns were a BIG step up. 
Review: Dynaudio Confidence C2 Speaker
A very nice and well compose review; I had the C2s for over three years and before them the 1.3se. I had my C2s running with Mark Levinson 432, and that combo ready did make great music. I only sold then because I when to an all tube setup and my ... 
Dynaydio Temptation owners - what's you setup?
I didn’t have the Temptations, but did have the C2s in my systems for about three years with the Mark Levinson 432 Amp and BAT 51se Pre amp with a VPI Super Scout Master / Titan cartridge and BAT VK-P10se phone amp. It did make great music. This c... 
Tube Pre-amp for Levinson 432
I had the ML 432 and used it with the 380s for three years, then picked up the BAT 51se. It was night and day the BAT is just that much better, way, way more dynamic from the highs right down to the bass. IMHO the BAT brings out the best of the Le... 
Anybody heard the VSA VR4 to VR5 upgrade?
The tweeter on the 5se is very good and the high very detailed and open, but I do believe adding the super tweeter would give them more air on top, but I’m not left wanting or feel like I’m missing something.