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Dynaudio Contour S5.4 or Confidence C2
I had the C2s for over 4 years and loved them, but they too need room to breath, and show off their great soundstage. 
I need some advice on High End Car Audio...
Audio Design Systems 255 10th Avenue New York NY, 212-255-8900These guy did the radar system in my car and did a great job. There a little pricey, but they do a pro. job. 
Help with BAT VK75SE
Why not look into a PS Audio Juice Bar, that just may do the trick. 
What amp to replace BAT VK-250 w/Dali & Aesthetix?
MimbermanI had the 75se then upgraded to the 150se but went back to SS BAT 600se because of the heat that the tubes were putting out. Kept the 600se for about 3-4 months, and went back to the 150se for the same reason that you stated above.“Not as... 
ModWright Transporter
I have had my stock Transporter for about month and a half, and after a well break-in I find it very hard to tell the differences between my CD Player, which to my ears sounds very good and my Transporter. It’s only after hours of listening that T... 
digital Amp. Going green
I have picked up the CI Audio D200 to replace my tubes amps during the summer months. Last summer the system put out so much heat that after an hour my room was just too hot, and I was force to turn the system off. At first I tried the BAT 600se b... 
Amp recommendation please
CI Audio D200 
how does the transporter rate
I just purchase the Transporter almost two weeks ago and I am using it with FLAC files. To my ears after break-in, it sounds great. I truly love the sound, and to me it sounds better then my CD Player. Voices sound clear and detail and to me music... 
Tube integrated amps
I can't talk about the ProAcs or other 86db speakers but i can talk about the 1.3se and these speakers just don't sound there best at low volume listing, or with low power amps. THIS speaker LOVES power. and the louder they play, the better they s... 
Tube integrated amps
I use to have a Pair of 1.3se, and one Thing about this speaker for a fact is they love power at least 100 wpc, also the louder you turn then up, the better they sound. I think they would sound there best with SS amp. 
Interconnects for BAT
I just wanted to add that the Valhalla is a great IC BUT you WILL have to have all your IC and speaker wire run with this stuff if you want to hear what it can do. I found that if one wire is from another company in the chain could make the sound ... 
Interconnects for BAT
I have to 2nd Trcnetmsncom regarding the Nordost Valhalla, I use it throughout my system and they are hard to beat, the hold system just opens up. 
True dual mono 2 ch amps?
The BAT VK 600se is a true dual mono amp. And at 300 WPC into 8 ohms will tighten up any speaker. In fact, I just picked one up. Because the mono amps that I had before were cooking me alive. But I will miss there midrange magic, but those are the... 
Turntable lamp?
I 2nd the Littlite, this is there site. 
"Grainy" highs problem...
I had that same problem with my SS setup. And changing the cables did the trick. I would go with what Audphile1 stated first.