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Musical Fidelity A1008
this is a comment for someone who had the KW SACD Player and now has the A1008 
Tube preamp for techno and other bass-heavy music?
I 2nd the BAT. 
Musical Fidelity A1008
Well I had the Tri-Vista for a few years and a few weeks ago purchased the A1008, but to be fair I will only talk about the A1008 only because the Tri-Vista was in a totally different system that I no longer have. First off this player sounds more... 
SS Amp to replace VAC 300.1 in a side-ways move?
I know what you mean, a few months ago I sold my BAT 150s se only because they put out way too much heat during the summer months. I truly love the way that amp sounded, and didn’t want to part with them. At present I’m living with a Krell 402 EVO... 
Mark Levinson 23.5: camac or RCA?
If you check the Manual for the 23.5 you will see that they state you should do it the way I stated above, also from what I remember regarding the 23.5 that amp did not come with Camac connectors, but I could be wrong. its been a long time since I... 
Mark Levinson 23.5: camac or RCA?
As I remember my 23.5 didn't come with CAMAC, as I remember only the "27" and "23" came that way. the ".5" were Balance and RCA only. 
Mark Levinson 23.5: camac or RCA?
Just put the shorting pins in the Balance input of the amp pins 1 and 3 then go with RCAs the straight to the output of the Pre. you don't need any adaptors, they only degrade the sound. 
The Best CD player under $1000.
Check into a used ModWright Sony. 
eac vs windows...artwork help etc...
I have been using EAC for all my ripping, and I have around 3000 songs in FLAC, as of two weeks ago went to WMP and I can't undersatand why anyone would want to rip again in EAC. I fine EAC's error correction to be less the helpful if not useless. 
Acoustic Arts Amp 2 design
I Don't have the amp, but I do have the pre amp which is fairly good pre, but just a little forward sounding for me. I can see myself moving on further down the line. 
Album art, windows and squeezecenter help
Yes in mp3tag you do have to pick all of the songs in that album, and then assign the picture to them. Also it is a pain in the neck and time consuming to 1. Rip your files in EAC as FLAC, 2. Down load artwork, 3. Put them in a folder and 4. Then ... 
Album art, windows and squeezecenter help
that's WMA 
Album art, windows and squeezecenter help
I had the same issue with EAC and had to download the pic from Amazon and use a 3rd Party software (MP3Tag)to tag the pics to the FLAC files. MWA is ten times better. and sounds just as good. I just purchase Music Vault and that how they setup the... 
Balanced to RCA adaptors
this is from the manual of the 33hNoteBefore making balanced connections, remove the U-shapedshorting-strap between pins 1 and 3 on the Nº33H XLR inputand save it for possible future use. This shorting-strap isinstalled when the Nº33H is shipped.4... 
Thinking of buying a solid state amp
I have the same problem with heat that Semi has and I do have a small room. I own the 150se and lived with them for over four years, yes i did purchase the BAT 600se for awhile, but after only four months went back to the 150s. SS just was not wor...