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How old is this turntable? Oracle Delphi Mk -1
I could have asked Brooks...however, It was easier posting the question here and getting feedback from different members of the group along with their individual opinions. You are correct, Brooks is a nice guy and very busy...he did answer all the... 
Can the projector be 20 ft away from the screen?
To Ksales, I don't have a prjector or screen. I'm trying to see if a projector is a feasible idea for my room. 
Sunfire Amp? Mods
Which Sunfire Amp are you discussing. The Sunfire Stereo 300 wpc amp or the Sunfire Signature 600 wpc amp? 
Has anyone ever heard the Audio Research LS-10 pre
Audio Research currently has an LS-12 solid state preamp currently on the market...any idea how it compares to the LS-10?