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Mislabeled album
I have a copy of Stevie Wonder's Innervisions that is labeled correctly, but side two is not Stevie. It's side two of an album by Yvonne Fair called The Bitch Is Black. 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
In the recent Jason Statham "Mechanic" movies, he has what appears to be a Pro-Ject turntable with Ortofon cartridge and a Jolida integrated. Not sure about the speakers. 
For older guys
They called Perry "Mr. Relaxation". Here's the old SCTV gang having fun with that:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj5A7W-0zPY 
Clear Day Audio Double Shotgun speaker cables
I replaced a set of Audioquest Type 4 with the Clear Day double shotguns and it was a BIG improvement. Great sounding cables for a good price. 
Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?
Chayro has a good point. Try your speakers. A buddy of mine has a set of Maggie IIB's he had rebuillt by Magnepan about 10 years ago. When I look at how he has the speakers set up, I can't believe they sound as good as they do in his tiny living r... 
Tandberg 1020 Light Bulb
You may have better luck on audiokarma.comVintage electronics is their main thing there. Somebody should be able to help you. 
The Band on MFSL
The 1st pressing of Big Pink in '68 had the black w/rainbow label. I have a 1969, 3-LP set from Capitol that has the odd combination of Steve Miller Band's 'Sailor", Quicksilver Messenger Service (S/T), and Music from Big Pink that has the lime gr... 
The Band on MFSL
I had the 80's MFSL version of Music From Big Pink, and wasn't that impressed with the sound. It sounded sort of harsh and congested as I recall. I later purchased a British EMI pressing that was much better.I have the lime green S/T and it sounds... 
Power an amp and component with batteries instead of direct outlet power?
It is rumored that Eric Johnson can hear differences between brands of batteries in his effects pedals. Now THAT'S bat hearing! 
Help with speakers issues part III
I had a pair of MG-12's for years in my 16 x 23 room and, after upgrading to the 1.7i's, I now realize that they really weren't big enough to reproduce music the way I like to listen. They always sounded strained when I attempted the relatively hi... 
Larry Coryell RIP
My introduction to Larry Coryell coincided with my introduction to high-end audio. I was visiting a friend in college and his roommate was playing the album, Lady Coryell, through MacIntosh tube equipment. I've been hooked on high-end - and Larry ... 
Replacing Parasound p7, but with what?
I am currently using the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE and I love it. I initially thought it was a little rolled off on top, but soon realized that it is just very smooth in the high frequencies. It is really nice to be finally rid of brittle, bright trebl... 
Why are low impedance speakers harder to drive than high impedance speakers
Hi crazyeddy,I can't explain the math to you, but the inverse proportionality that you spoke of has to do with the fact that impedance is the AC version of resistance. While it is also measured in ohms, it is not the same as DC resistance.  
Question for Amp Designers
Yeah, too bad we can't get Julian Hirsch in here to answer this one! 
Shortest rock song with lyrics....
Check out "Earache" The World's Shortest Album with songs as short as 1.3 seconds. Whether any of the vocalization could be considered "lyrics" is questionable.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8vDIJYWliI¬†