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Jelco SA-750D cartridges
Thanks vegasears. I just put the AT-150MLX on my short list. From the reviews I've read, it sounds like a good choice.LP gear is selling the 150SA cartridge at half the price of the 150MLX. Is the MLX body worth the added expense?    
Jelco SA-750D cartridges
@bpoletti: Thanks for the recommendations. I grew up with AT cartridges and need to shake my bias against them. My memory of the cheaper ones I used back in the day is thin, bright and veiled, but the Signets were excellent. I'll have to look more... 
Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape
I always had a lot of fun making mix tapes. Of course, there were those frustrating times when the song you chose for the last one on a side would be just a few seconds too long and the tape would run out.More often though, there would be a little... 
New Setup Volume Issue
It's not clear from your description how you went about hooking your turntable to the Onkyo, but I have some suggestions.You don't say what cartridge you're using, but the Fluance normally comes with the Ortofon OM10. The Onkyo has a phono input w... 
Musical Concepts amplifier modifications upgrades
It appears that new driver boards are limited to the Hafler Power amps at this time, but I think they were once available for the Adcom power amps also. He does do upgrades using his MC-3 circuit board on certain Adcom preamps as well as outboard ... 
Musical Concepts amplifier modifications upgrades
Rather than upgrading the existing design of the amplifier, Mr. Hillig specializes in a redesign of the amplifier. He chooses certain amplifiers as the "bones" on which he builds his own design.He generally uses the transformer and portions of the... 
Life After Your Magnepan’s
I started my love affair with Maggies in '86 with the SMGA's. The transparency of the sound really wowed me and still does. In the early 2000's I moved up to the MG12's in a 16' x 23' room and, though they were an improvement, they just didn't see... 
Very Eavy Very Umble by Uriah Heep mispressed record, read on!
I bought a mispressed copy of Stevie Wonder's Innervisions back in the day. Side 2 had the correct label, but was not Stevie Wonder. Over the years, I would occasionally play it for friends to see if anyone knew who the artist was.About ten years ... 
Unexpected Tom Petty "stamper" discovery
tablejockey,I also got one of those mystery discs when I bought a copy of Stevie Wonder’s "Inner Visions" album. Side One was as it should be, but the flip side was from a completely different album by Yvonne Fair called "The Bitch is Black"!At th... 
2 Stereo amps to be used in Mono...hookup?
Yeah, thanks George and Elizabeth  ;) 
2 Stereo amps to be used in Mono...hookup?
"Same for right channel..."Exactly. The right channel from the preamp hooks up the same way to the other amp. 
2 Stereo amps to be used in Mono...hookup?
You would "Y" connect the left output of the preamp into the left and right input on the amp that you hook your left speaker to and "Y" connect the right output from the preamp into the left and right inputs of the amp that you hook your right spe... 
2 Stereo amps to be used in Mono...hookup?
Yes. The manual states that, for mono use, "...you will need to feed both input jacks with identical signals from a 'Y' connector. The speaker leads must be connected to the two outer terminals only". 
A song murdered by someone.
Guns and Roses' version of McCartney's Live and Let Die.  
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with