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Vinyl. Is it me? the producer? cartridge? Record?
I agree that you have not reached a point where your system has the right synergy. Just don't feel that you must buy ultra-expensive components and magic accessories to reach your goal. 
New preamp: need to change speaker placement?
There is, theoretically, a place in a room where speakers interface at an acoustic optimum. A computer program can help find those locations, but there are too many variables for the procedure to be absolutely perfect. Human hearing being what it ... 
using Velodyne sub in 2-channel setup?
What Zman is describing is the way I have my sub hooked up. A second set of speaker cables is hooked to the same speaker terminals as the main speakers. It sounds all wrong, but the input impedance through the sub's speaker (high level) inputs is ... 
Speakers that are RAP music proof
Just remember, Systembuilder, if you're going to play that music loud, make sure that your 200 watt amp is top-notch. You're much better off with something more powerful for loud music. In my band, I use a QSC amp rated at 700 watts/channel into 8... 
personality as afctor in component selection
I think personality plays a major role in the selection of all manner of things, such as...uh...favorite football teams! Heyyyyy, just tweakin' ya Brownsfan. But seriously, what's wrong with us? 
Cat damaged speaker, Help
My cat has shredded my couch, but has shown no interest in scratching on anything else, including my Magnepans. She must sense somehow that she would get flying lessons if she ever messed with the Maggies!! 
Anyone refinished a plinth?
I have been doing repairs and finishes on stringed instruments for years and, for the effect you're trying to achieve, 4est has the right idea. The term for a transparent coat with color (dye) is a "toner". Behlens makes a wide range of toners in ... 
Magneplanar MG12: good for my room ?
Oh, I forgot to mention that I get better results with the tweeter panels toward the inside. 
Magneplanar MG12: good for my room ?
I use MG12's in a room that is roughly as long as yours and about 2 feet wider with an 8 foot ceiling, and they work really well. They really didn't open up, though, until I brought them out to about 5 feet away from the front wall. I also have my... 
Zappa question
Hot Rats, absolutely!! 
An analog question for those who record
Like Noble100, back in the 80's I used to record to a hi-fi VHS machine specifically for the long play time, and also found the sound to be more to my liking than playing the CD direct. I seem to recall though, that my VHS deck was somewhat unique... 
Music and politics
I agree with markphd when he says: "I think there is a significant difference between putting politics into your music, and taking time out during a concert to preach politics. The former doesn't bother me at all. The latter I find annoying."I hav... 
Anyone drive Magnepans with a B&K
Kevykev: I am currently using a B&K ST-140 to power my MG-12's (until my Musical Concepts modded Hafler DH-500 is repaired)and it does fine as long as it's kept to a reasonable volume level. My ST-140 is the 105 wpc model. 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
Crem1: Is the Perfection product that you are using called a steam cleaner? Does it look like a teapot with a long nozzle? I almost pulled the trigger on a VPI 16.5, but now I think I'll try the steamer with a DIY vacuum. I can't wait to try it!! 
Hadcock arms
Hey Joe,The main difference between these two arms is the length. The 228 has an effective length of approximately 228mm, and so forth.Jim