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Somehow I've got myself a "WTF" dilema with my newly setup Turntable. HELP!
Tubes are my guess, on the integrated amp since all inputs give same results.  Is there a phono stage on your integrated amp you could try?  Gold Lion tubes are affordable. 
Aurender A-10
How would a person load CDs onto a streamer like the Aurender? 
I had a bad feedback problem through my turntable until I removed the spike feet under my platform and replaced them with isoblocks.  YMMV. 
Mcintosh C2500 optical audio
Is the Optical input assigned to the source input you are using on the C2500.  That is done during setup mode.  It allows you to assign either an optical or coax connection to a source input. 
Would anyone be interested in a timeshare on an Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro?
I posted the same question on another site last week - no response, at least not positively.  I just went ahead and purchased my own ADS Pro. 
I would like to get into Turntables but ......... HELP!
A good entry level table that is a plug and play would be a Rega P3 with an Exacta cartridge.  And make sure you have a true phono stage in your pre amp, as stated above. 
Sleeper CD player DAC
For $750 a used Rega DAC-R still under warranty can be found - just ask. 
Good match for Rega Brio-R
A used pair of Harbeth P3ESRs can be had for $1700.  A book shelf that is tough to beat for the money. 
Manley Chinook or Zesto Andros 1.2
It will be the phono stage that will extract all that it can from your cartridge; even though the int. amp will be the bottle neck take care of the pieces upstream, get the best you can afford, and, then consider upgrading downstream. 
Manley Chinook or Zesto Andros 1.2
^...and you would expect that with the price difference, so no surprise there.  It all depends upon your budget.....which would help others give their opinion.  What is your budget? 
Ry Cooder recommendation...
He was in an early band with Taj Mahal and Ed Cassidy (drummer with Spirit - Randy (California) Woolf's stepfather.  Not sure if the LP is still available. 
What kind of lamp to use with a stroboscopic disc?
On my iPhone 6 Plus I use the app StrobeLight by Motionics.  You can adjust the speed of the strobe so it is very helpful 
Upgrading Turntables. Stick with Rega?
Regas are good at what they do - play LPs.  A set it and forget it turntable.  I have owned a P5, P7 & a P9; all very good at their price points.  Regas knock is the adjustability of the TT.  No VTA without putting spacers under the arm, no az... 
VPI Scout Set up
I had my dealer set up my Aries 3x3 and unfortunately it was not set up to the optimum specs.  Become familiar with your Prime tone arm and make the effort to  set it up on your own, or at least double-check your dealers work.  May I suggest a Sou... 
Feedback through turntable
Feedback does not happen when sub is out of the loop.  I do realize the inserts on the mini-HRX feet are rubber - still contemplating replacing those with Symposium inserts.  One other point of contention - the bearing/bell housing on the 3D arm. ...