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Mod my Rega P5 OR...time to move on ??
Expect no more than 70% of cost of new Apheta (including discount when bought with table) if you try to sell.  With the Apheta there is no alignment to be set; will you need spacers with the ZYX?  The Apheta is a decent cartridge.  You can also bu... 
Sweet Vinyl Sugarcube - I Want It!!!
The SC-2 is on y watch list but will wait until the bugs are worked out.  Track splitting and metadata is a must. 
Disappointed w/ Klipsch Heresy III. Now what?
I don't believe your Rega Brio is an issue - it is a very fine integrated in that price point.  And the power is enough for the Klipsch.  I tend to fell they are not broken in yet.  You may be one of the type who does not like the sound of horns. 
iPod/ITouch direct digital connection to a DAC
"Are you using iTunes? If yes, make sure that the output is set to the D150."Yes, using iTunes.  Not sure what I meant by this statement - output set to D150. 
Harbeth P3 vs KEF LS50W
For my office system I am using the P3ESRs with Rega equipment; Brio (newer version), DAC-R, Apollo (newer version).  For my office (14 x 14 x 8) it is perfect but I have not really turned the volume up very loud.  At the levels I listen to the so... 
Dose your Rega rp8 sagging issues
I would reach out to SoundOrganization.org - they are the US distributor of Rega. 
Harbeth Question
Room size plays an integral part in which Harbeth model is chosen.   
Move your sub
Can you post the link to the video please? 
iPod/ITouch direct digital connection to a DAC
Is there an internal software setting I need to look for to get this to work with the camera cable and my DAC? 
New Rega Brio 2017
Had the original Brio-R, traded for the new Brio and use at low volume in my office system.  I cannot hear any difference in sound but still breaking in.  I also have the Apollo and DAC-R.  I use these with Harbeth P3ESR speakers.  Also, no hum is... 
iPod/ITouch direct digital connection to a DAC
Got the camera kit and still not able to pass signal to my DAC. 
phono stage for Rega Apheta 2
I second the Chinook.  I had an initial issue with mine and instead of fixing it I was sent a new one.  Great CS!  The Apheta 2 may require a 50 ohm impedance which the Chinook can handle. 
guarneri memento vs olymica 3
Room size?  The Mementos are a fabulous speaker.  I currently have the Cremona Auditor Ms in a room 15 x18 x 8 and use a REL B1 sub with them.  When I get ready to upgrade the Mementos will be on my short list.  I was originally wanting the Ellips... 
Looking for tube tech in Tucson
Call Waldo at 520-850-6832 
Shelby Lynn & Allison Moorer / Not Dark Yet
There was an article in my Sunday paper about the LP - Houston Chronicle.  I did not know they were sisters AND their father killed their mother in front of them and then committed.