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If you had 6K to build a system with used gear?
Leben CS300sX integrated, Tekton Lore speaker, ModwrightOppo 95 (used). 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Zman, wish I wasn't sleeping at the wheel when your Lore came up for sale. Since we're talking Tekton, can someone here help me out. I'm playing the 4.5 in desktop system with a Jolida FX10. I don't like the Electro Harmonix EL84s or their 12AX7s ... 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
I want to thank everyone who has participated in this chat since it turned me on to a high efficiency speaker with a benign impedance that sounds really good. I'm not, and have never been in to horn speakers; my wife and I come down on the slighty... 
Review: Tekton Design Pendragon Speaker
Thanks for the thoughtful review. I'm wondering what my Cary SEI 300B or Golden Tube 300B, might do with these speakers. Heck, I just bought (still breaking in) Jolida FX10 as desktop/ small room integrated to go with Tekton 4.5s, maybe even they ... 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Waiting as well. I bought the 4.5's, they are breaking in as I write this note; my wife loves them so far she would like just a tad more bass, but hey, it is a 4.5 speaker can't expect much more...oh, its paired with a new Jolida FX10, 10 watts, n... 
Theory about Cary amps and their reviewers
I really get a kick out of all the "audiophile" arguing as above. Music is personal. What you like I may not...what floats my boat you may hate...I own a Cary V12 and love it, have owned it for 10 years. To my ears it sounds like music. I am a mus... 
Wonderful 300b tube amps, and reason why.
I have a Cary 300B SEI as well as a Cary CAD 280 V12 (not 300B, but SET) and a Golden Tube 300B II Special Edition. These float my boat, doesn't get much better for the money. 
Vintage Fisher, What's best 500C/B or 800B?
Thank you for your responses...it helps. I think I'm opting for the 500C based on the larger transformers and a few reviews I've seen since posting this question.