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Dedicated line questions
Whta exactly do u mean by seperate grounding? 
Dedicated line questions
Guys, thanks for all the responses, i would be lying if i didn't admit that much of what u guys are talking about is going way way over my head. this is my thing. the breaker board or whatever u call it for my house just happens to be in my listen... 
In regards to Alternica, the greatest fall from grace i have ever witnessed, they sound to me like a bunch of old tired men. As far as sabbath, I'll take ronnie james dio over ozzy any day, heaven and hell, can't beat it, I would really love o hea... 
Need Speaker Opinions please
Thanks to all those who responded, i went and read some reviews of all the speakers mentioned/ I think i am still between the legacy focus and gershman avant gardes. One of the main reasons being i can listen to them locally. My 2 worries are, 1-L... 
Guilty pleasure music?
Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Blag flag, early Metallica, now know as Glamtallica, sepultura, Antif flag, Strife, Death angel, Testament, Six feet under, Saint vitus, Machine head, BLACK SABBATH, ILL TAKE DIO OVER OZZY ANY DAY, and a shit load more :) 
Balanced cables for McIntosh
Hey guys, i really have alot of questions for u about your set up, i own the mc 352, i have been thinking about the mc 42, can u please email me at [email protected] , thanks.