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Coolest looking cd player in history
TACT RCS 2.0 Users Group
The only thing I can think "Audioguy" can possible be referring to is the fact that the window that shows FR and impulse response can be misleading the bassand treble are off. At least compared to when you import the measurement into the "edit cur... 
New Tara Lab The ONE
On the old ONE the ISM ground station was an outboard box and connected to the cable by thin leads. In the new ONE all of the ISM is directly Onboard the cable (no more boxes). Supposedly better, yet you can still get the old One the last time I c... 
TACT RCS 2.0 Users Group
Hey Pearl,I would not be stunned about negative comments, you'll see that about any great produc. You have to take the good with the bad I guess. Both are superb products that will only get better: the RCS will hopefully be upgraded to the 6 DSP v... 
Best way to spike Nautilus 802's
at least you know now to get rid of tht other dealer, at least you should! 
Best way to spike Nautilus 802's
I'm positive. I have the N801's with the spikes. I got them through my dealer. The N802 uses the same exact spikes. You rdealer may be trying to swindle you out of the spikes you are entitled to. Although the speakers do not come with it since B&a... 
Best way to spike Nautilus 802's
you can get the optional B&W spikes for free, just ask your dealer for them. They are the nices spikes I've seen. The casters unscrew and are replaced by the spikes. 
TACT Millenium Mk. II
To answer your question Ab8888: How well is the recorded voice rendered? With the Millennium mkII it is as good as it get's (even compared to tubes, which I used to own before the TacT). 
Need system for the new B&W Nautilus 802
To add to what I previously noted: before I owned the N801's I owned Dunlavy SCIV's which were also hooked up to the TacT. I have heard the SCIVa's (better than the IV) hooked up to a Krell FPB 600 driven by a Krell KPS-20i feeding an Audio Resear... 
Best loudspeaker on the 3k range???
try the maggie 3.6 or the new revel performa 
Best system for B&W Nautilus 802 ?
without a doubt get a Tact Mellennium mkII, I have the 801's and use the millenium and they sound great together. I heard the 802's at Lyric in NY hooked up to a full Levinson system in a big room and it sounded pretty good but nothing to write ho...