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Conrad Johnson Premier 11a--Triode?
Why don't you just get the Premier 12 monoblocks in triode mode? Then you'll have ~70 watt triode power and a better match with the rest of your system. 
Levinson 36 vs. 35??
ML doesnt even make a No.35! 
Lvnson 39,Wadia 850, Merid 508.24 best?
I would go with either the Levinson or the Wadia. Either way you can't go wrong. Being that you can go straight into the amplifier without a preamp, the 39 and 850 are definitely in another league compared to the 508.24 (which needs an analog prea... 
Adcom GFP750 ??????
I hate it when people like Ron007 make comments about a component they have never heard in their system or know anything specific about it all (just the brand). Nobody wants to hear your erroneous information. Ejlif, on the other hand, contributes... 
new crossover upgrade for Nautilus 801?
Yes I already know of the DiAural circuit. I contacted B&W and they said they think it is not compatible w/the N801. I'm still waiting for a reply from Kimber. Thanks for the reply though. 
Need system for the new B&W Nautilus 802
Being that I own a pair of N801's I can tell you with confidence to get a TactT Millennium mkII. It would be your DAC, Amp, and preamp all in one. For a transport I would get a Mark Levinson No.37 (do not have yet, but might buy soon) and an Illum... 
Dunlavy SC-IV v B&W Nautilus 802's
I previously owned a pair of SCIV's and now own Nautilus 801's. If your room is not well damped (i.e. u have echo flutter problems), then the Dunlavy's might sound a little bright. The B&W's have a very smooth treble response and should not so...