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Bryston owners: What speakers are you using?
I use a pair of 1027Be JM labs speakers with a 4b-ST in my HT setup. It is a very good combo IMHO. 
Focal 1027 BE break in
I have a pair of these. They were demos. They do tend to sound better as time goes own. It seems to be much more full now. But it's not like they sounded bad to begin with. All I can say is that the vocals to me seem to be perfect. It seems like I... 
Have you seen the VR9SE Review?
I posted this in the other thread before I realized there was one for this review.I read that article at positive feed back and I must say that it was fantastic. If I can be honest, yours is one of the best systems I have seen. It is sort of a dri... 
Need feedback from Focal 1027Be owners
I just upgraded from a pair of 927Be's to the 1027's. The 1027's are fantastic. In my small room they just fill it up. Bass is real good. And the rest of the spectrum is just so fine to listen to. I have about 50 hours on them so far so I know I h... 
Amp s to drive JM Lab Diva Utopia Be
I use a Bryston 4b-ST to power my 927Be's. It is a very good match IMO. The 4b-SST should be even better. I have also heard BAT gear on JM Labs speakers. I was on the floor with that combo. 
Best Balanced DVD/CD players to audition
I second the Esoteric. I have the DV50S and I think it should be on the list as well. It sounds great IMHO on SACD's DVD-A's and redbook cd's. And it's a good dvd player to boot. 
New Focal Electra 1027Be
I have yet to hear them, but I do have the 927Be's. They are great and the 1027's are supposed to be even better. Almost like Alto's. My 927's sound real nice with all kinds of media. Of course, you need to see what sounds the best to you. But I a... 
Heard the Foca Jm Lab 1027 today
Matt, it seems that your views echo everyone else who has heard these speakers as well. I happen to have the 927Be's with an Esoteric DV50S. That is the non-VRDS model. That particluar model has three levels of upconverting. I have a feeling that ... 
A possible upgrade to JM Lab Electra 926s-advice?
927's all the way. I love mine. The 926's sound good but the 927's just sound more refined. I have no regrets. Should be concidered even with that retail price. 
JM Lab Electra Be 'LIMITED'???
I have the 927Be's. They are very nice. Only 500 pairs of them out there. I would jump on it again in a second. It's those highs. It is just soooo smooth. Which ever one you get, you will not be let down. 
JM Lab Electra CC900 or CC901 for 926 and SR900
I have the 901. It is a better center. Voices just sound more natural. With the 900 it just sounded boxy. I run it full range and it sounds great. BTY that is a nice setup. I have the 927Be fronts, cc-901 center, SW900 sub with old polk surrounds. 
Any details about JMLab Electa Be series
I also have the 927Be. It is a very nice speaker. With my Krell showcase and Bryston 4b-ST they give a nice full sound. Music just sounds so good with these. I also use them for home theater and they are very good at that as well. The tweeter is v... 
Any Experience With JM Lab SW900 Subwoofer
Yes I do. It is a magnificent subwoofer. It has a huge amount of output. It works for movies and music. It is very tight and able to shake the room with authority. It is also built very nicely. Don’t let the down ward firing bother you. It sounds ...