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Derek Trucks Band
"Actually, Dickey is the reason that Dickey is no longer in the ABB." :)Derek is simply amazing. I can't remember the name off hand, but I have a DVD concert of his band. It is great. I have been a 'Brothers fan for about 27 years now. 
dcs/JM Labs Upgrade Question
BTW, in case I was unclear, I have the 1027's. 
dcs/JM Labs Upgrade Question
I had the JM Labs 927Be's and I have heard the 926's many times. The 1027's are much better in all around function than those the other two. I could not believe the difference. I would go for the speakers. You will keep them for a very long time a... 
Dartzeel 108
I have used the Dart amp with my JM Labs 1027Be. My current amp is a Bryston 4b-ST. I was curious to see how my speakers would react. My dealer could not believe it either.It was actually Bkonig who did the demo for me. To say I was floored would ... 
DVD movies must have
Open RangeCloverfield 
Amps-Cables for Focal 1007 BE
Agree with the tube idea. You might want to look into Pathos. I know it was under show conditions but the the big pathos amps sounded great with the JM Labs 1027's. I have the 1027's BTW. I am sure that the lower models would still be very good. 
Well-Tempered Golf Ball?
The basic table is $2850 minus cartridge.(white golf ball). If I remember correctly they were running a Dynavector XV-1. I think that is $4500. So total is $7350. Not chump change to be sure. The Grand Prix table was over $30,000 probably and the ... 
Well-Tempered Golf Ball?
You can look at it this way. There are three "versions" of the table. There is the standard Amadeus, which has a Dual Layered lacquered MDF sandwich plinth and an Acrylic Platter.There is the "GT" which Which is the same except that it has a Dual ... 
Well-Tempered Golf Ball?
Check back in June. By then I hope to have an Amadeus in my system. And no, I don't care that it uses a golf ball. Under show conditions, at CES, it sounded great. Compared to a Grand Prix Monaco and Dr.Fickert it still sounded great.It was very n... 
Esoteric DV50 - What is the next step up?
http://www.teac.com/esoteric/X-05.html $5999http://www.teac.com/esoteric/X-03_SpecialEdition.html $8200http://www.teac.com/esoteric/X-01D2.html $16000Those are the three cd/sacd only players that they offer that are "above" the DV50 in a single bo... 
VTL MB450 monos Vs. BAT VK 60se monos?
I have the 1027's. Under show conditions I have heard the 1027's with Pathos amps. The combo was fantastic. The top of the line models but I am pretty sure that the "lower" models would also sound great. If I were going for tubes, they would be on... 
Where to buy vinyl?
Whoopsit looks like I posted that one twicehttp://www.truebluemusic.com/products.asp?dept=21&deptname=VinylThat is the other one 
Where to buy vinyl?
http://www.classicrecords.com/http://www.truebluemusic.com/products.asp?dept=21&deptname=VinyThere are 2 more for you. 
Technics sp10 mrk2 or SL-1200mrkII
Thanks for the reply Alex. I was just throwing the ideas out there. I was already playing arround on the KAB website just seeing what a table would run me. All and all, really not that bad. Even though it may not match an SP10, I may really think ... 
Technics sp10 mrk2 or SL-1200mrkII
I am sure that the KAB modded tables are great. And even if I go hog wild with the choices I get, it would still be less then the other option I was thinking about. I am jones'n to get a table in my setup. To show you how desperate I am, I am goin...