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Hall of Shame
I agree with the AnalysisPlus Oval 9 speaker and MIT cables. I would like to add the $85K Dynaudio Evidence speakers. I listened to these speakers in a private home for some time and it was one of the most dull lifeless image-less systems I have e... 
Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
Ah, now I heard the opposite. Before the G5, Siltech raved over the G3. Once again marketing comes into play. I have no problem with business or marketing, I just don't allow or like companies to make a fool of me. Mike 
ML 335 and DCS delius
It is probably a normal consequence of the circuit Madrigal chose to employ, however, I would not suggest allowing this spike/signal to reach your speakers. This may mean turning the amp off or never asking the DCS to perform a function which caus... 
I could not believe my ears
I would like to know what piece of music it is so I can purchase. Please let us know.Thanks,Mike PS> What do you think about the Virtual Dynamics stuff so far? 
Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
Tekunda: I look forward to hearing your impressions on the Virtual Dynamics cable. (Just can't bring myself to refer to them as the "VD" cables) :)Mike 
Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
This is all very interesting. I like to be open, as I stated the Wire I used was Gen 3, but I most likely would not go for the G5 even if I found it to be better. My reasoning is related to marketing. I (being an electrical engineer) am not comfor... 
Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
Oh, I will be trying the Virtual Dynamics, speaker and interconnect. I will place a post with my findings afterward.Mike 
Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
Info on Murray James cable: He does not to my knowledge have a web site, but the email address is as follows:morayj1@juno.comAlso the version I compared was gen 1 of the James cables, they are now at Gen 4 and rumored to be far better than the Gen... 
Art Audio amp/Sonic frontiers 2SE amp
ART Audio!!!!!!! I auditioned the Diavlo and in fact am thinking of buying it for a second system primarily focued on Female vocals. If you need a more versatile amp I 'd say go with the Jota.Mike 
Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
I have tried the Siltechs and MY ears tell me the following cables are better. FIM Gold and a cable by a guy in Canada Murray James (Murray James Cables). The Murray James are very in expensive ($200.00/meter). Before you laugh you should be know ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
I agree with you Pendragn, but Eva sure makes her work for her money.Mike 
A new crossover for the Infinity RS 1B's
Probably the guy who is the BEST in the world concernig that speaker is Bill Miller of Miller Sound. I think he is out of Philly. If you respond to this, I will get the number from home tonight and send it to you. I heard a pair of RS1b's that he ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Pendragn, I also own the "Live at Blues Alley" CD, so I know exactly what you are reffering too. You are so right in that the world has lost a great voice, perhaps, the best voice I have ever heard. I certainly can think of no other voice except f... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Eva Cassidy "SongBird". Thought I'd never compare a female voice to Ella and get confused as to who I preferred.., well it has happened. She died in a car accident in 1996, but her music lives on. Please try it, then drop me an email and tell me t... 
Has anyone listened to Legacy speakers?
I live in Chicago and went down to Springfield and visited the factory before my purchase. I own the Legacy Whispers. I have owned the Talon Audio Khorus, (Highly Moded) Infinity RS1b's, Speaker Art Clefs, Rush Sound Monument II's and various othe...