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If I just use a DAC, do I need a Pre-amp?
I tested my system last year as you are considering.  In my case I preferred the system with the preamp.  In my case the DAC was a NAD M51 and the preamp is an Aesthetix Calypso.  I was considering eliminating the Calypso.  The Calypso has the bes... 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Pinball Machines.  Mostly EM (electro mechanical) from before about 1977.  But some newer since then.  Iron Man is the newest.  It fills a real gearhead bent without the depreciation.   
seeking recommendations for a preamp
Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a phono section but an Aesthetix Calypso is in your budget and stands right up there in sound quality.  
The quiet grid
Finally got around to spending some time with my system this weekend and this week and have to agree that the quieter grid is one real benefit of the current unfortunate circumstances.  My system has never sounded better with no changes whatsoever... 
Looking for Help with Speaker Jumper Cable Choice
"But I lie awake at night worrying whether jumpers are directional."  Agon needs a "like" tag option on posts like other forums offer.  I like your comment.  As for going for some JPS jumpers, I struggle with spending $400 on a set when the cables... 
Looking for Help with Speaker Jumper Cable Choice
I went to solder the high frequency leads directly to the low frequency binding posts last night and found the wires are terminated with a female flat spade connector which slides onto the male spade tab that is clamped/nutted to each binding post... 
Looking for Help with Speaker Jumper Cable Choice
I never thought about soldering the leads directly other binding posts what with all the discussion about jumpers that goes on.I assume WBT 4% silver solder would be the best choice for solder? 
Vintage MC-75 restoration
If you want to be local these guys appear to be quite capable and reputable in downtown OP.  Electronics Center7113 W 79th StOverland Park, KS 66204 
Whats playing on your system today?
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real 
Whats playing on your system today?
Chris Stapleton - From a Room Volume 1 
What other hobby or hobbies do you have?
I collect and restore and play pinball machines.  Have been into owning them for over 20 years now.  Would have been in the hobby longer but didn’t know you could actually own them.  Mostly mechanical games from the 60’s and 70’s but also a handfu... 
NEW integrated amp from Kinki Studio: EX-M1 - Good enough to replace my Pass Stack?? YES!
Would owners of the EX-M1 suggest it a good match for Dynaudio S1.4 LE monitors that run 85db efficiency?  One review/comment I saw said great paired with 90db or more efficient speakers.  Also, I beleive the S1.4 LE's will go lower than 40hz.     
Yamaha SACD players
Another CD-S2100 owner here.  I’m very happy with it.  Balanced design coupled with great sound and classic styling.  Mine was only single boxed although the seller stapled reinforcement to all edges which protected the player but kind of jacks th... 
Experience with Inakustik 3500P Power Conditioner??
Good luck in your testing.  I'm curious to hear your opinion.  This would be a big step for me.  I'm looking to insert a conditioning component, if that is the correct terminology for this component, into my system and then sit back for a while an... 
Experience with Inakustik 3500P Power Conditioner??
Can I ask what convinced you to go with this unit?