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Tubes Rock
McFarland if you go to the order form they have all sizes not just small. 
Good sources for tubes other than Upscale
http://pages.prodigy.net/jimmcshane/ great service and quick shipping 
Vacuum tube tester repair
William Waters ( AKA Hickok Doc) repairs and calibrates tube testers. He is located in Fredrick, Maryland and can be reached at [email protected] 
Does this preamp exist?
TAD-150 check it out at 2baudio.com. New it's $1299.00 for the regular version $1537.00 for the signature version. Has exactly what you are looking for and accepts 12AU7,AX7, or AT7 tubes so you can tailor the sound to your ears. All that and remo... 
I need a pre-amp with a mc amp.
Look at the TAD-150 pre. It has both MM and MC amp. Price is $1299 standard add $238 for signature ( U.S.) You can see it at www.2baudio.com. Paul is very helpful and knows his stuff. I have the sig version and couldn't be happier. 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
It was a novelty song in the late 80s. It was sung to the tune of Nena's 99 Red Ballons. The name of the song was 99 Dead Baboons. I cant remember the artist. 
Entry level tube pre with pass thru and remote?
Take a serious look at the TAD-150. It has everything you described and is very reasonably priced. Paul is a great guy to deal with too. www.2baudio.com