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A question about Goblin soundtracks
This may help. Apparently there are several versions of the fim and soundtrack.Written exclusively for the Italian release of the 70's supernatural/horror movie (composer Brian May - not the one from Queen - wrote the original symphonic score for ... 
Artists that sound alike - your best match-up
Greg Lake and John Wetton!!! 
Best floorstanders under $600
Magnepan MMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Small sub
Musical enough to keep up with Maggies!!!! 
Small sub
Velodyne Mini-Vee about 1 foot cube 8" driver 1000 watt class d amp. More here:http://www.velodyne.com/products/product.aspx?ID=14&sid=997a35 
Warning re JJ KT77s
This problem has been well known for quite a while. 
'they blew'em off the stage'
AC/DC in one of their first U.S. performances made Savoy Brown look like a garage band. Savoy Brown was booed off the stage after their 2nd song. 
Your First Concert was.....
A very odd billing at the time(early 70s) First band Gentle Giant, next up Humble Pie, last band The Edgar Winter Group 
tester calibration
Contact William Waters AKA The Hickok Doc at [email protected] He is located in Mt. Airy Maryland. 
Best short-lived band?
Hackett and Howe GTR 
The Best Live album
Genesis Archives 1967-75 The first three discs are amazing. Disc 1 and 2 are the entire Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Disc 3 is various songs from Foxtrot and Selling England. 
Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time?
Maggies that will fit my QUAD's...
Not enough power to really get the best from Maggies. You need at least 50wpc for MMGs. 
Stout Silver Interconnects
I'm using them in my entire system. The cables are well constructed and sound great. Give it a try! They do have a money back guarantee, so you really cant go wrong. 
Tube Rolling for TAD-150
I've tried the following tubes;Stock chinese 12AT7-dry and quite harshBrimar 13D5-not much better than stockRCA 12AU7 cleartop- nice tube, good bass extension and great highs.RCA 12AU7A- same as the cleartop.Tunsgram ECC81-much more interesting. s...