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Upgrade from TAD 150 Signature
I'm going through that very thing right now. I'm using a Mapletree 4A SE tubed pre. It's a two chassis pre. It can use either 12SN7 or 6SN7 tubes(switch on back)and is tube rectified. The sound is much more relaxed and the soundstage is wider and ... 
Cable for Velodyne Microvee ?
I'm using a pair of (dual subs) Signal Cable Analog IIs with Eichmann Bullet plugs. 
Need more volume, cheap. Any advice?
Like Spinal Tap...you need an amp that goes to 11!!! 
anyone try the Microtech blackburn E813CC?
Excellent tubes. Great soundstage.They are the best tubes I've used in my TAD-150 pre.Just wish I had ordered more. 
Tubes for Raysonic CD 168
*No, 6CG7 cannot substitute 6922. Aside from filament current draw, 6CG7 cannot even come close to 6922, unless you are confident enough to play with the circuitry (reset the bias, plate load resistors, grid bias, etc.).Here are the proper listed ... 
Tubes for Raysonic CD 168
No problem it's on their website. 
Tubes for Raysonic CD 168
I'm using Phillips SQ E88CC. Excellent soundstage, full, rich bass and clear, smooth highs. Just to let you know the inside 2 tubes are the RCAs the outside are balanced. 
NAD remotes
I have a NAD link remote. It works the C-370 integrated and other NAD link equipment.My old CD player was a 541 and this remote controlled it as well as the other NAD components. It's yours for shipping. 
Will my Dynaco MKII power My Magnepan MGII's?
Power them, yes. Sound good, doubtful. If you're in a small room listening nearfield it may sound ok but, Maggies like power and current...the more the merrier!!! 
Ravel's Bolero
Nope serious question. 
Listening china.. any xindak, shengya experiences?
The ShengYa CD-S10 is a well built excellent sounding CD player. I rolled the tube to an Amperex Orange globe 6DJ8 which really improved the sound. For $500 at the time it couldn't be beat. 
How hot should a McCormack DNA-225 get?
I had a similar problem with a DNA-1 tripping a new 20 amp breaker. Some one suggested this http://ecatalog.squared.com/fulldetail.cfm?partnumber=QO120HM and it solved the problem. It's a 20 amp breaker designed to allow a larger inrush of power. ... 
my tubes are hissing non - stop
Try replacing the tubes in the pre. Sounds like the place to start. 
12AX7 tubes testing results
The numbers stated mean absolutely nothing unless you know the test parameters. The numbers are close but that does not mean a matched set. 
The Entire Band Gets Writing Credit
Genesis all songs listed as Gabriel/Banks/Collins/Rutherford/Hackett