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re: Harmon Kardon Citation 25 Preamp
You need to talk to Jim McShane at this website http://www.mcshanedesign.net/ He specializes in Harmon tube gear as well as selling tubes. 
McCormack DNA-1 runs hot
I have a DNA-1 Deluxe with Silver plus upgrades. The amp is running Magnestand MG-12s. I just checked the temp while idle and got 100 degrees. The amp is on 24/7.What is the temp of your amp at idle? Why do you think your amp runs hot?Mike 
iPod to iTunes
Follow these instructions (cut and paste to your browser)http://www.ehow.com/how_2187421_transfer-music-ipod-itunes.html 
ShengYa CD-10
I had that same player. The best tubes I found were 70s era Amperex 6DJ8s with the dimple getter. They gave me exactly what you describe you're looking for. 
Number of yrs. to reach the finished line?
After 40 years now you tell me there is a finish line?!?!?!?!?I must have missed it. Do you have directions? 
silver upgraded Mccormack DNA-1 comparison
Simple answer...Hell Yes!!! I recently had that done. Night and day difference. I'm using a custom Mapletree Audio Design Line 2A SE pre-amp,driving a pair of Magnestand MG-12s. Try adding the Mapletree first. If you can find one used(good luck)it... 
Bryston vs. McCormack with the Modwright 9.0
McCormack!!! Especially the DNA-1 185 watts at 8 ohms 370 at 4 ohms.I'm using mine to drive modified Magnapan MG-12s(Magnestand) Can be had cheap and then modded to fantastic effect. I got mine cheap on eBay.Loved the sound. Then contacted Steve M... 
pure ipod dock
Manitunc Here's the U.S, site http://store.pure.com/store/pure/en_US/list/Products/categoryID.53512600/[email protected]&rests=1302310888648#accessories 
Tube rolling in TAD 150 and Jolida 100cd
Sorry that should read JHS-12AT7WA 
Tube rolling in TAD 150 and Jolida 100cd
I got great sound using 1957 Sylvania JHS-12TX7WA tubes.They were recommended to me as the "Bing Crosby" of the 12AT7 family. If you're interested in trying them I have many leftover from my TAD-150. 
So, what DON'T you spend money on?
I spent my money on booze,drugs and hookers. The rest I wasted!! 
Mapletree 4SE vs. TAD 150 signature best sound???
The Mapletree wins by more than a little. The TAD is a very nice sounding pre,and the remote is handy. The Mapletree is a fantastic sounding pre,but you get no remote. I believe the difference is the use of octal tubes in the 4A SE,point to point ... 
Robin Trower
Mapletree 4SE w/PS2 Users describe strong/weak pt
Strong points are sound stage, presentation,and price. The only weak point I have is the pre and power supply are very lightweight. I added some brass 10g scale weights on Herbies dots.I'm extremely happy with the pre and have no trouble recommend... 
Good tube preamp for McCormack DNA 500???
I have a DNA-1 coupled with a custom Line 2A SE pre from Mapletree Audio Designs(uses a pair of 6SN7s and a 6X5 rectifier). Sounds fantastic and was only $1200.00 See it here http://hollowstate.netfirms.com/