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Jadis Orchestra Reference - Resistors
Thin, Those are 1/2 watt resistors 
Anyone hear pass XP27 phono preamp
Spend the money on a better cartridge. 
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
Noble, if they are built into walls they are no longer dipoles and trying to get the resonances out of walls is a nightmare. The limiting factor in all Maggies with a ribbon tweeter is the tweeter. It is a wonderful tweeter, some say the best ever... 
Hey Millercarbon, you sucked yourself into that one. However I would much rather own a Kuzma than any of those others. He is a brilliant engineer. The Kuzma 4pt 9 is the best tonearm for the money you can buy (big period) 
Noise from phono. Help please.
Glai, give all your equipment the same ground by plugging everything into the same power strip. The only exception I make is for large power amps which I like to have dedicated lines for. If you have a lot of money a Shunyata is fine. Next make su... 
Good starter amp recommendation
millercarbon, maybe the fellow just likes movies. I set up incredible theater systems all the time. The last one used Magico speakers, Pass electronics, a Trinnov Altitude 16 an SME 30/12, Kuzma 4 pt 14 with a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum, M... 
Have you ever downgraded deliberately?
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
Hey Noble, Real Bad Idea. I love Maggie 20.7s but adding two more bass panels is just going to give you a lot more of no bass.(below 40 Hz)Dipoles make crappy subwoofers. There is this myth out there that you can not mate a dynamic sub with a dipo... 
Turntable Mat question
Nobody here heard a turntable with vacuum hold down? Basis, SOTA and Air Force take things to a whole new level. Walker also.¬† 
MC suggestions
Fourwnds I wish I could have afforded a cartridge that good at your age. Actually there were no cartridges that good then! Just get the HI FI News test record. It has tracks for both lateral and vertical resonance. For the PC 7 just add weight unt... 
Turntable Mat question
Those platers were specifically designed to use w/o a mat but to couple the record appropriately to the plater you have to use a clamp and a ring(for another $1000). The ring is a PIA. SOTA, SME, Kuzma and Walker have much more elegant solutions t... 
MC suggestions
Air Tight PC 7 detailed and lots of air. Very stiff. you might have to add weight.Best for classical.Clearaudio Stradavari V2 Great tracker, very dynamic. Great for Jazz and Rock.Ortofon Cadenza Gold. Great tracker, Neutral(accurate) Most like the... 
Who is using their DAC as a preamp?
It is the only way to go. There is so much fun digital stuff like room control and digital bass management. I send my phono amp to my digital preamp/DAC through a Benchmark ADC. The analog guys are now vomiting. But very few of them have heard dig... 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
Elizabeth, you need to get your backside in a house. Put subs on those 20.7s and they will rock! 
Rega RP8 vs Clearaudio Concept
Big_greg you really need to try an SME, SOTA or Basis table. You will be able to jump up and down in front of them and absolutely nothing will happen. Suspended (isolated) table will always outperform unsuspended¬†Tables unless the unsuspended tabl...