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Is easy to know when a non english speaker is writting?
Yes. But I really enjoy what one of the above posters refers to as offbeat syntax. A few years ago, I was on a music forum and a French lady reacted to a particular new record by saying "I'm on the ninth cloud." Turns out she was saying the equiva... 
Plug-In Liquid Air Freshener Destroys Vinyl LP
Not fake but fully orchestrated. Bernstein would be proud. 
Jazz is not Blues and Blues is not Jazz.......
Are the loudness wars fake so record companies can destroy the music?
Calling Steve Albini. 
Best and Worst customer service?
Best: Roger SandersWorst: Kevin Deal 
What Combinations of Components Have You Put Together That Sound Good?
Turntable. Pre-amp. Amp. Speakers. 
Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?
Pamela. First semester, freshman year. Only cost me half a joint. 
Solitary listener
No big deal. I've been a solitary listener for over 30 years and am quite used to it. Nobody in my extended family (whom I love dearly) has ever given 2 hoots about it. Had a few lifelong friends, no longer with us, who shared my bizarre musical t... 
Need help with audio forensics
Who's On First? 
“BLOCK” Function?
jjss49 wrote:  " broad hifi forum "Now there's an idea I can fully support. We need more broads here.  
Analog or Digital and why?
cakyol wrote:     "Digital all the way now. Analog will be dinosaurs in a few decades, maybe even less. " Funny. That's exactly what EVERYBODY told me in the late 80's... Did Not Happen.Try again... 
Preamp suggestions, yes again
Quicksilver all day long. 
~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought
Sanders Sound Model 10e 
Preamp choice, after all these years
Increased interest in my Audio system during the fall
It's just you.