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One dedicated circuit for each mono block?
+1 @mesch  I read that doing it any other way may cause a ground loop fault. Plug everything into one outlet. Please look at what Eric said also.  Bent  
Aric Audio Custom 300b PSET
Sorry Aric not Eric!  
Aric Audio Custom 300b PSET
I don’t own his 300B. I do own Eric Audio phono preamp, Eric’s Special Line Preamplifier and Eric’s Transcend push-pull Amp. I sit for hours and listen to LPs. I’ve had it like this for a year with the amplifier but I bought the other pieces earli... 
I’m about to push the button to get 2 SVS 3000 micros to add to ATC SCM40s.
Just bought an SB3000 for about a week now. It’s fantastic after integrating it it’s wonderful! Bent   
Tonearm/Cartridge pairing.
Please go to sound-smith.com/s. The link will show you how to properly set up your turntable. You can watch videos on YouTube from the same company. Setting the top of your cartridge is NOT necessarily a solution of any kind for vertical tracking ... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
SVS SB300 subwoofer. I just got it today it’s not even set up.  I just now downloaded the app. I did plug it in and try it. Pretty good so far. It does need adjustment though. It replaces a Focal sub6.   
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Gayla Sound, Rochester New York in 1983. I was clueless. I walked in with nothing Then walked out with a $3000 hi-fi.  (you could buy a new car for $3000 then). Those guys sold me good stuff. The AR Turntable with Grace F9e. Still have that cart. ... 
Great classical pianists
I like Helene Grimaud.   
B&W 802 D2 Capacitors Worth Upgrading?
Here are a couple of novice tips from another novice. Capacitors have a direction, in/out. They have a label on them to tell you what end. goes where. If you install them in the wrong direction they may blow up. I had a friend had one go off in h... 
Need advice for a replacement phono cartridge
Should I be concerned with the low mass tonearm pairing well with the low cartridge compliance (light tonearm with stiff cantilever)?  A cartridge and tonearm work together. A stiff tonearm requires a high compliance cartridge.  It’s not the mass ... 
Update on my TT causing distortion at higher volume
+1   audphile1 I own a SoundSmith Voice cartridge. SoundsSmith moving iron (MI) stylus is Factory replacement only. A reminder: matching the cartridge to the tonearm is imperative. Look to Music Direct for a great discount occasionally on sound ... 
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
Dear Frank Zappa disparagers/trolls!  A lot of FZ’s music was written about turnips like yourselves. Put on some Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, loudly, and dance around the room.  Ye haw!   BTW I’m a big Steely Dan/Donald Fagan too. Bent  
What To Do?
I am getting great results with a Pro-ject Carbon 10 EVO. $5k. Sound Smith The Voice moving iron cartridge at $2.2k. Aric Audio phono pre. $2k with vintage tubes from Brent Jessee. The JJ stock tubes are not great.  Make sure that your turntable a... 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
opps...  I guess I didn’t read it well enough. That preamp doesn’t have a phono-pre. bent 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
Aric Audio offers a NEW tube preamplifier in your price range with both gain control AND volume control. In addition to that he offers Tube Amplifiers with gain control!  Nice guy too.  All hand made, really fine sounding, in the USA. Bent