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PSB T3 I have not heard better bass from a floor standing/tower, have you? Under $7.5K
I've owned a pair of ProAc DT-8's for over a year now and  itzhak1969 is right on the money with his description.  
Best mid-range for $3K
Proac DT-8 
Full Range under $5k-ish
I'll throw my vote in for ProAc. Have owned a pair of DT8's for almost a year and have been very happy.  
Proac D48R
Hi milpai  They are 6mm by 41mm long. They may use M6 (6mm) thread size the length may be the same or not. This is the email address I used  to contact ProAC: [email protected]  
Proac D48R
I had the same question about my DT-8's. Like itzhak suggests I emailed ProAc directly and got an answer the next day from Stuart Tyler with the information I needed. He is very good about answering emails as I recently sent him another about some... 
Ahhh--Problem solved. Adding a REL sub-bass unit...
you’re not alone in your opinion. Paul McGowan from PS Audio fame feels no speaker system is complete without a sub actually recommends using two. He also likes the REL subs. I’m sure many would argue otherwise but he and others make a pretty good... 
Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?
I'll throw in another vote for ProAc ! 
Proac Response D30 DS
@itzhak, sounds like a wonderful pair of speakers. I haven’t had the pleasure to hear the entire ProAc line but of the ones I have listened to I completely agree with your statement "unfussy nature they just play everything effortlessly in the mos... 
Golden Ear or Elac?
Listen I wasn’t trying to disparage either speaker mentioned by the original poster. The comment was really tongue in cheek for the most part. Both brands are fine from the models I’ve listened to but not enough for me to purchase either. I owned ... 
Golden Ear or Elac?
OK see that was better. Believe me, I was sweating watching that game and it could have ended completely differently if it weren't for that one crucial mistake.  
Golden Ear or Elac?
yeah hifidude, seriously have you owned a pair or just talkin ?? 
Golden Ear or Elac?
@stereo5  who cares what the post was specifically about !!! Just a little sensitive aren't we ?? Red Sox yeah sure best in the league BIlly Buckner !!! Owned 20 years ago says it all !!!  
Golden Ear or Elac?
have you owned a pair? Or just talkin ! 
Golden Ear or Elac?
Go ProAc you'll never look back !! 
Does anyone have any experience of hybrid valve and solid state power amps?
Vincent audio SV -237. Great amp and when you factor in cost it's even a better bargain.