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Amp Shutting Down, need help
Well, I'm out of ideas without being there - armed with test equipment. The fact that it works at Cary, and your friend's location(s), without the addition of extra impedance (wire length), clearly indicates some thing's up with your apartment wir... 
Amp Shutting Down, need help
Cappy, *maybe* your grounding situation could be the culprit, though since I lack any knowledge regarding Cary's circuits, it might be worth a quick phone call to them for verification.The only other thing I can think of is that your power cord mi... 
Amp Shutting Down, need help
Hi 'Cappy.Just to confirm; you're stating that the Cary still shuts down after 20 seconds without *any* cables connected except the power cord? If so, please bare with me with the following request: Can you please re-confirm that your wall outlet(... 
Reference 3A DeCapo " Blue Tak" question
Telescope, I'd recommend trying the blue-tak yourself and come to your own conclusion. Generalized opinions are a dime-a-dozen and *almost* never based on structured or measured testing criteria by the "audiophile" masses. Clear your brain of ever... 
So Many Apogees for sale, and so few takers
Ahhh, comedic sarcasm; that's my favorite! ~ 
Why is volume disappearing?
Just to confirm. Is it happening gradually, or almost instantaneously after approximately 5 minutes? 
Strangest problem I've ever had
It sounds like only *one* of the speaker wire conductors is shorted to house/earth ground within the wall (either conductor) and would cause the problems he's describing depending how his amps are configured. Note how the Kenwood works fine on the... 
Fuses that matter.
Map, Wolf, Shep, Nono, - "well stated!"~ 
Billy, you so crazy...~F 
The finest Cable Elevators you ever auditioned?
07-12-12: Sidssp"...We aren't really that crazy."..........[crickets]..............~~~ 
Calling ATC owners
06-24-12: Adry"So is the ATCs midrange..more important for me ;-)"Yep, concur, and their current tweeter isn't bad either.Uhhh, okay... and their woofers, too! Oh, and.....~F 
Wadia 121 Dedoding Computer?
Interested as well, but would like to view the headphone's amp specifications - which I've yet to locate anywhere on the net so far, nor gotten a response back from Wadia yet. Hard to believe that info isn't readily available compared to most (if ... 
Do Commercial Theaters Use Multi Center Channels?
The two theater installations I've had the oppertunity to check out behind the screen, many years ago via friends, were THX certified JBL installations that had three identical full-range speakers (L/C/R) across the stage using some of these, and ... 
Calling ATC owners
Dave_72, I haven't tried to contact anyone through Audiogon for many years, and I don't see a "contact member" option in the new format. If you can provide a secondary email address, or if anyone can instruct me how to contact a memeber, I'll send... 
Calling ATC owners
I have models in both of those finishes. Their walnut is nicely finished with retained grain texture - on par with most speaker mfr's quality - and of the lowest price tiering options excluding their painted "pro" option. Their premium rosewood op...