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Wash, Cut, Polish & Demagnetize
There was a good shootout in Audio Musings #14, 2001. They had 7 identical CD-R discs burnt with one classical track and one jazz track. Disc 1: beveled and outer edge blackened with the Audio Desk marker, disc 2: treated with Auric Illuminator an... 
What is TFA return?
I bought some Space and Time Phase II way back in '89 when Tara Labs was just getting started in the USA, and the Phase II stuff was still being made from Australian copper. This replaced multi-stranded QED stuff and made a fantastic improvement i... 
Any hi-end Aussie speakers or electronics?
Peter Stein's "ME" amps. Perreaux is from NZ.Regards, 
Rega planet 2000 Re: Size of RCA out - Help
Do you have a soldering iron? I don't think the right angle adaptor is a good solution, so I would chop off the RCAs and reterminate them with something better. I personally like the Eichmann Bullet Plugs, as they sound great and are easy to solde... 
David Berning "Holy Grail" 45 SE ZOTL now exists
Fascinating. Do you have a photo?Regards,Metralla 
Best female vocals on CD
Excellent thread - most of my favourites have been mentioned. I am especially attracted to singers who write their own material. In that vein - Kate Bush. Her first album, "The Kick Inside", has some great songs, and "Hounds of Love" is just a spe...