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Of all your gear, what piece impresses you most?
I think as we move forward, it is typically the latest addition that we like most. Perfectly reasonable, in my estimation.I don't make that many changes over time and my system stays the same for 2 or 3 years before I try to get to the next level.... 
Jadem6 stumbled... but hasn't fallen. Yet.
What a wonderful result. I hope you have an easy time of it after such massive surgery and return to a full and glorious life. All the best.Regards, 
PS Audio DAC II or Bryston: two great machines
My understanding is that the PS DirectStream DAC starts shipping in April., 
Most musical stereo tube amp under 5K..
02-28-14: Sonicear writesMy source is usually Utube videos thorugh Dacmagic plus or Sirius radio from satellite dish.Those sources may limit the overall fidelity you can achieve.Regards, 
Also done - and to echo Mofimadness: results when you have them!!(I wanted to vote zero $$$ for streaming but I did not see that option)Regards, 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Interesting idea.Regards, 
Looking for advice on these speakers
Stereo Mojo were very enthusiastic in their review of the Coincident Super Victory. Speaker of the Year 2008"The Coincident Super Victory’s are extraordinary in some areas such as their ability to play at significant levels with very low output a... 
CH Acoustic X-20 PC vs Less Loss DEPC Reference PC
My MBL CDP has been sent out for repair for the last four months (still waiting for its return).That's not very good service. I hope they get it back to you soon.Regards, 
Has anyone heard the Stage III Kraken power cord
I like the look of the CH cords, and the fact that they OEM'd for Running Springs in the early phases., 
02-23-14: Wolf_garcia writes:Besides, Neutrik Speakons are made in Liechtenstein, which should be all you need to know.I've done a lot of IT consulting in Liechtenstein and you are right. Workers there inherit holidays for both Switzerland and Aus... 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
01-13-14: Audioengr writes:Metralla - these that you mention are not digital application of tubes. These tubes are all used in the analog output stages.Thanks for the clarification. I misread the point that was being made.Regards, 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
01-12-14: Audioengr writesAgear - look, there is nothing sinister about my comments of tubes not being the best choice for digital. Any EE worth his salt will agree with this. I have 30 years of salt in my ears.Obviously they can work. Gordon Rank... 
Worlds best DAC
state of the art software application that provides either real time conversion of DSD 1x and DSD 2x to 176.4 kHz 24 bit PCM during playback or conversion to 176.4 kHz 24 bit AIFF or WAV files. OK, that's pretty surprising but definitely interesti... 
Elvis Presley's Albums - Recommendations needed
On the used market, "24 Karat Hits" on DCC GZS-1117 is worth every penny. But it's bloody expensive these days. Sound quality to die for.Regards, 
What tubes and where to buy them? Conrad Johnson
11-21-13: Bifwynne writes:I have had many excellent tube buying experiences with Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio, located in San Francisco, CAI live in the Bay Area and I don't believe that Upscale are in Northern California. They have a 909 area code...