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Top brand speakers
06-15-14: Onhwy61 wrote:and I'm now experimenting with N-dimensional sound. Excellent post, but that's not quite how it goes. You have to personify it much more strongly by saying: "I'm now experimenting with what I call N-dimensional sound". Plea... 
Coincident Linestage vs CJ CT5 or Allnic L-3000
Indeed. Very sad.Regards, 
Top brand speakers
I, for one, am astonished.Regards, 
power cables - not in the signal path?
Cbozdog writes:It is not the low-level signal electrons that eventually get heard. if anything, it is the latter electrons that passed through the floodgate that eventually reach the audio transducer, etc. Fascinating. You are attributing properti... 
Help a REAL newbie. Please
Also, this Guide is very useful, 
Wow. That is an expensive, flagship SACD/CD player with an excellent reputation for sound quality. You must be very annoyed. I have not heard of issues with the Esoteric K-01 and "know" some forum friends with the unit and can't recall them postin... 
Sell quality turntable to buy top CD player?
You only have 150 CDs, which is not a huge collection. I think you would do well with the Sony 5400 which is very good on Redbook, and use the other money to buy some more CDs. With the way people are ripping collections and dumping disks these da... 
Reviews of $10k plus ics, speaker wires, and pcs
I know of a guy with 90 plus StillPoints Ultra 5sNow that's quite impressive.Regards, 
PS Audio Direct Stream
Thank's for posting that link, Erikminer.Regards, 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Tbg writes:I think Ddraudt is right, that thread with a single focus are the only beneficial threads.Ddraudt enjoyed the diversion into resonance control and contributed to it. Regards, 
Best car audio, Burmester? highly disapointed
Too bad about the radio; but it's a hell of a 4 door. Enjoy to the max.Regards, 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
These threads have a life of their own.Yes they do. Sometimes the best parts happen in spite of the desire by some to keep a narrow focus. All is fair in audio forums as far as I am concerned. If you can't handle the 'to and fro' here, be grateful... 
has anyone heard the Tannoy Kingdom Royal?
I heard the Tannoy Kingdom Royal speakers at Munich a couple of years ago in the Esoteric system. While they sounded lovely they were not my "best of show". I have heard other older Tannoy models that I liked more. Could have been the rest of the ... 
Is the BAlabo BC-1 MKII Preamp the reigning King?
Kiddman writes:It's largely a follower industry. An hobby of wanting to beat the friends' systems, but also of wanting to be admired for having the "right" gear. Most just do not listen.Very nicely stated. We all have to be aware of these motives ... 
Glaring Omissions
I enjoy lists like this - helps expand my horizons.Regards,