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What speakers for 10k?
02-11-15: Zd542 writes:To the rest of us, its clear that you don't know your ass from your elbow. Please don't do that. You don't speak for us, and you cannot assume we all agree with your judgement of an AudiogoN member.Regards, 
Starting a thread and then disappearing
02-08-15: Simao writes:Get them while they last!They probably won't - neither will Wavetouch.Regards, 
What speakers for 10k?
02-08-15: Zd542 writesI'm just curious as to why you guys wouldn't believe those specs?In general it is very difficult to combine high efficiency with a small enclosure size and good low frequency response. Those three compete with each other, Thi... 
What speakers for 10k?
02-07-15: Onemanwolfpack writes:94db Sensitive? If the Wavetouch is 94db sensitive, I'm a Chinese Jet Pilot. I certainly don't believe their published figures.Regards, 
Best speaker Cable matching Wilson Audio Sasha
Audiolabyrinth, thank you for following up on that.Regards, 
Lampizator DAC
Excellent review. Well worth reading. Thanks for the review and thanks for the notice here.Regards, 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
That would be, 
Any steve hoffman fans?
Try the two Peter, Paul and Mary SACDs.Regards, 
Best HD for music storage/backup.
I use the software SuperDuper! on my Mac Mini to back up my AIFF music files. It's $25 and well worth it. I just use a Western Digital 2TB Passport USB-powered drive. Plug it in, run SuperDuper! to do the incremental backup, then unplug and store ... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
I hope Alex is willing for me to hold onto the unit for 45 more days to really give it the chance it deserves… He has been very generous thus far.Perhaps you can do your part to try to reduce that time.Regards, 
PS Audio Direct Stream
What are you using for bait? ;-)Regards, 
Whats a good power cord for the Sony XA5400ES?
The absence of the earth pin does make for a slightly sloppy fit, but not a problem. I use an old TG Audio SVLR power cord on mine.Regards, 
Newbie question re: USB quality
There is always FireWire.Regards, 
What most important in the sound of your cables?
Veloce preamp? Sweet!Regards, 
A New Superstar Power Cord
Ah - wondered what they were going to be. Read your review on AA. Very cool. It was interesting that your review came shortly after the gushing review of it's baby brother - that thread was locked. No action yet. ;-)Thanks. Regards,