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The one time you want to pull out but she says no.
I am in a similar situation with my living room system. I am going to use the gliders from Herbies and the therapy as mentioned by @soix .  
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
Check out Music Direct and Audio Advisor. Do you have an amplifier that you will be using with said speakers? The Pioneer BS-22 speaker sold for $130 when available. Possibly you can find a used pair. Wharfedale Diamonds also a good choice. Des... 
Has anyone gone from Tannoy to Zu Audio?
I have run my Tannoy Sterlings with an EL34 Line Magnetic 211ai tube amp and to my ears that amp brings a smoothness and clarity to the upper mids and lower  treble region that also seems troublesome with my hearing (sibilance) . I believe, though... 
Looking for advice
Does the Bluesound node have digital input to use with the Cambridge transport? I may be wrong but don't believe it does. Do you currently use a CD player?   
Right match
The question is: do you have a phonostage between TT and preamp line stage? Many preamps have an input that says phono however it is meant for an external phonostage.  A followup to that is: does the phonostage provide for low output MC cartridge... 
Looking for advice
I have no problem with your approach to streaming given your plan for future upgrades. Given you are looking for a transport I assume you listen to CDs.  One question,  what DAC would you be using for the transport?      
What are the best entry level integrated amps and speakers?
Old thread. None of us has heard back from OP on the decision.  
Amp for B&W 706 s2
Look online for the manual for the NAD. I have owned the 326 and 356BEE. Both have a variable pre output for a subwoofer.      
CD Transport Question
I own the Cambridge and find no fault with it. I understand gains can be made at a much greater price point.   
All in 5-6k for setup in living room...with bad acoustics
You can do very well with your budget buying used. Some thoughts: So if the the budget is for speakers and amplification pick the speakers 1st and then find the right amplifier for them. I would stay away from metal dome tweeters, go with fabric ... 
12AU7 tubes for a Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 Integrated
@decooney  That is exactly what I intend to do. I may have 30 hours on the unit now. Running a computer as a server into it as I work on the new house. Will get to the 200 hour point within the next month. After that time I will consider all the s... 
Amp for B&W 706 s2
Well you are doing the right thing by replacing the AVR with a 2-channel integrated. You have a nice pair of speakers  The Yamaha is a more complete package regarding streaming services built in making it a more all in one unit. If purchasing fro... 
12AU7 tubes for a Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 Integrated
@thecarpathian  Yes was an interesting read. Thanks. I spent some time on the Brent Jessee website.  Read the review of the Pharaoh II. Been running my Sphinx Ii for several hours. Seems to be sounding better as hours go by.  Going to let it bre... 
Comparing external DAC to CD player DAC
Some of the CD players made around the year 2000 were very good. Much better than those produced upon the arrival of the CD. You are comparing a computer used as a streamer/transport into a budget DAC against a true transport/DAC built to be comp... 
Would There be a Significant Difference
The difference between the presentations of the Rogue and Backert pres may be quite different in your system and room that at the dealers. Take advantage of this opportunity.