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room makes or breaks
2nd to Ct517 
room makes or breaks
It seems that your new setup is more 'near field' than the previous one. You are also avoiding quick sidewall reflection times and now hearing more from the speakers and less from wall reflection. Just a guess. 
Upgrade from AQ King Cobra to Columbia DBS
Bo, I take it that the 72V version is the most recent? 
Upgrade from AQ King Cobra to Columbia DBS
Seems there are 2 versions of the columbia. 48 and 72 DBS. Any comments regarding the amount of 'charge' to the shield? 
Cambridge Topaz AM10 vs Yamaha AS300 vs Onkyo
I agree with Tonyangel and Zd542. Fix the NAD. Then consider an outboard phono stage. One worth considering is the Lounge LCR, 40 dB gain, 100pF capacitance. I am using one with a Bluepoint No. 2. 
spdif/USB converter vs DAC upgrade
Wow, like this thread. I am currently using a mac mini with pure music. Looking to upgrade my USB/SPDIF converter and DAC. Currently using a hi face with PS audio DL III. Was leaning towards audiophellio2, not sure about DAC. This compatibility ha... 
Upgrade from AQ King Cobra to Columbia DBS
Thanks Bo. Zd542, Mr Brown passed away in 2009. There is a company that services the BEL 1001, Audio Summa. My Mk5 was manufactured in 2007. Bought from a dealer used. Love this amp, probably the best piece in my rack. I have enjoyed your posts e... 
Suggestions for a good stereo preamp and amp
Mammen, At $1500 I would strongly recommend your considering an integrated amplifier. There are several in that price range, new or used, and likely represent greater sonic value and avoid the need for an interconnect. Am not famillar with your sp... 
Which is the best amplifier or the best choise?
If you are set on buying a new amp, go for it. That said, I concur with Zd542, with the bi-amp approach. 
Audio room floor question
Thanks all! Based on your feed back I think I will leave well enough alone. I was hoping to avoid installing a wood floor but was willing to try it out if other's found it beneficial. Enjoy the interaction this forum provides, and this thread in p... 
Putting together first system... clueless.
What is the sensitivity and impedance of the omens? There are many high quality integrateds in your price range. Many come up used on AG. Do you require seperate amp/pre? 
Audio room floor question
Don't mean to steal thread however I have a similar situation. Concrete floor currently covered by carpet and pad. Considering covering concrete with plywood floor. Have considered 2 options for this. 1) Lay plywood directly on concrete; 2) Lay pl... 
Esoteric MG 10 vs Magnepan 1.7
Been on vacation so late to respond. I have listened to both the 1.7s and the MG-10s at the same dealership. They both represent excellent value, however quite different in presentation. I own the MG-10s, liking the transparency, quickness and dyn... 
DAC for entry level system
The problem for me has been to find a quality DAC that has 2 coaxial SPDIF inputs. I don't like using Toslink optical. As 'quality' is budget dependent, and given that you have a nice system , what are you willing to spend on a DAC? Are you willin... 
Do I need a DAC?
Oscarrr, I have enjoyed this thread as I have many friends considering the same. You have garnished a great deal of input, most of which I agree.1)Driving a DAC with the AE via SPDIF would be an improvement.2)A computer playing WAV or AIFF quality...