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Amp for Magnepan MMGs
If I have it right, you are going to develop a system to be used for 2 channel music and 5.1 channel video and have an amplification budget of $400. Under this assumption I would:1) Determine the value of your present gear. Verify that the adcom a... 
tube preamp with SS amp
My tube Jolida Fusion (600 ohm output) mates well with my BEL amp (22K ohm input). I prefer the tube pre/SS power amp combination. 
Asynchronous vs Synchronous
Rockyboy, The BDA-1 does not support Direct Stream Digital. 
Asynchronous vs Synchronous
I own the BDA-1. It’s USB input is not asynchronous and included for convenience. However it remains a very good DAC and has plenty of SPDIF inputs. I like to use an outboard USB converter for computer audio. 
Tubes for Jolida Fusion Preamp
Well, I ordered a set of Mullard tubes. CV 4024 (at7) and CV 4004 (ax7) platinum grade from Upscale Audio. Was looking to warm up the upper mids and lower treble and was advised they would do that. I will get back to everyone after a comparative l... 
Tubes for Jolida Fusion Preamp
Wolf, thanks for the followup. Have not yet moved on tube purchase, will soon. 
Reviewing the Reviewers - and the decline of HiFi
Just found this thread. Not followed every post, however I concur with Mofimadness (2nd post) and Electroslacker post. If Hifi is in decline it is not for lack of great gear. Nor are the reviewers at fault. Who wants to spend time with and write a... 
Advice for a usb dac
How are you going to ‘jump in’? Streaming, cd rips, hirez downloads? Makes a difference as to your requirements. If not sure, as a starter I would stick to one of the under $200 USB only DACs. The AQD at $149 certainly fits. 
Moving up from the VDAC
I am not sure what is to be gained upgrading a V-DAC with a sub $500 dac given a squeezebox touch as a source. Nothing against the touch, just that I have never listened to one. That said you might check into the Schiit Bitfrost dac, providing the... 
Dynaudio vs Focal vs Paradigm
Why these if you have not heard them? What speakers are available to audition in Dallas? 
Pairing older NAD power amp with newer preamp
+1 Bgoeller. Why not try the Schiit SYS for $56 shipped to your door? Otherwise, unless you are set on having separates, I would consider purchasing a quality line level integrated amp. 
Tubes for Jolida Fusion Preamp
I submitted a further response on Friday which has yet not been posted. Yes Lowrider I had mistaken you for another, sorry. Anyway as an update I have decided on the following route:I have searched the web sites of TCtube, thetubestore, and Brent ... 
Conrad Johnson SC-1 Preamp sonographe Sell or fix?
I would agree that the switch can be an easy fix. The value of this pre to you depends on the other components of the system it would be used in. The Sonograph line was the CJ budget target of that time. 
Tubes for Jolida Fusion Preamp
Thanks all for the responses. I will check into the suggested suppliers. As an addendum, I am currently running a Bryston DAC-1 with Audiophileo 2 w/PurePower into the Fusion (Lowrider, I believe you also use the AP/PP converter ) The pre drives a... 
Where/How can I further improve PC audio quality?
Is it that the sound from the computer is not equal to that from the 840c playing CDs and you are happy with the 840c when doing so? One issue is that you are streaming a lower resolution file from Spotify, therefore the signal from the computer i...