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Experiences with NAD M51 DAC
Thanks everyone for their response. Kclone, have you any experience with the BDA-1 vs. the BDA-2? I suspect there will be BDA-1s for sale used.Meiwan, I will probably use a converter with whatever DAC I buy. As there are many available between $40... 
Best beer
Belle Two Hearted Ale 
I2S, S/PDIF, Toslink connections
Again, I wish to thank all for their comments. When I upgrade I wish to take advantage of the I2S interface. Steve, I must add that I very much appreciate the Empirical Audio Web page information. 
Any impressions of CHORD or Mytek DACs?
Thanks Butler! 
I2S, S/PDIF, Toslink connections
I wish to thank all for their response. Are there no USB/SPDIF converters that output I2S to any of the aforementioned DACS? 
What exactly is a 20 amp dedicated line?
Jea48, Just to clarify, Did you mean to write "seperate legs" of the power box, when you wrote 'It is...not be fed from separate circuits...Thanks 
Technical help selecting phono interconnect
Willie, what do you consider to be a low capacitance regarding either phono or IC cable? Thanks. 
Any impressions of CHORD or Mytek DACs?
So how much does a good QuteHD compatible linear power supply cost in US$? 
best tube preamp under a 1000 for B&K 200 sonatas?
Zd542, Mr. Richard Brown passed away in 2009. one Sal Zambrano of Audio Summa manufactures some of the BEL cables and offers repair for the 1001. I have not contacted him so know little else. I have read many of your comment over many threads and ... 
Replace CDP or Ride out with Existing?
I believe that upgrading to a stand alone DAC and using the sony as a transport is sound advise. I have a disk player however have found that computer audio input can be as good or better for Redbook CD. If considering using a USB/SPDIF converter,... 
best DAC for streaming to my 2 channel system?
Wyred4sound dac1 would be a good choice, $995 new. More inputs than most DAcs in this price range, asyncronous USB.I am currently using a PS audio Digital Link 3 with a M2Tech hiface USB/SPDIF converter which avoids need for a USB cable. As these ... 
best tube preamp under a 1000 for B&K 200 sonatas?
+1 Quicksilver, < 300 ohms outputAudible Illusions line1, 2 ~1600 ohms outputJolida Fusion has both RCA and balanced outs, if one comes up used,I am driving a BEL 1001 MK5 having 22K ohms input with Aubilbe Illsions 3a with no problem, 2M inter... 
room dimention question
Catfishbob, Since this is your thread I guess we can't be accused of hijacking. I fish fresh water, locally in southern illinois for panfish. Have fished for trout in Wyoming. When out west i go to local fly shop and ask for advise. Trout fishing ... 
Kimber Kable 12TC vs. 8TC for 15ft runs.
Thanks all. I purchased a set of 12TC. 
room dimention question
Fly tying to good music, great! I also store fly fishing gear in my audio room. In a corner closet, I have removed the door and store my sleeping bags and pads, makes a great bass trap. Enjoy.