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New CD player or new external DAC ?
+1 Marakaentz. If I had a chance to get the BDA-1 new discounted as a demo form a dealer I would jump on it. 
Upgrade Help: CDP or DAC
It likely that most of the perceived brightness is coming from the relatively inexpensive internal DAC built into the 5004 ($350 retail I believe). The analogue output stage likely also contributes. A newer sub $700 externalDAC can improve on this... 
Dedicated line w/ upgraded parts or power cond?
I would start by adding dedicated power line. Actually 2 -3 if possible. One for amp/pre, one for digital. As Elizabeth stated, your existing line may serve as a dedicated. 
What's the sonic advantage of bi-wiring
Asked another way, is there a disadvantage to bi-wireing speakers having the required binding posts. 
Better sounding after 1 hour
All electronic component parts operate best (at their desired specs) when they have reached thermal equilibrum. I will let my system play for 30 min or more before begining a session. 
USB/SPDIF converter and DAC combinations
Thanks Mordante. I have found this site after i posted this thread. I am considering the audiophellio2 and then upgrading my DAC. 
Best entry level audiophile CD player with Co-Ax
As stated previously, it depends on how you plan on using the CDP. If as a transport I concur with Mik971. I would also consider Marantz, though you might consider the CD5004 over higher priced Marantz models. Check into it, the transport mechanis... 
What is a very nice sounding tube preamp?
In addition to the previous recommendations, all very sound,I own a new , Jolida Fusion, owned a Audible Illusion 3a bought used. Both at your price point and very good. You might also consider Quicksilver.Enjoy and let us know your choice. 
How much do you need to spend on a DAC to...
Gustav1, I owned an original pair of the Vandy 2s several years back . They were great then and am sure much improved now. Having bought both items recently, I can understand your cash issue. I have been in the same boat recently, Putting together... 
Experiences with NAD M51 DAC
As an update to my original post, my decision has come down to: Purchase a M51 now, or, purchase a Audiophellio2 for my PS DLIII and upgrade the DAC later? I am currently driving a BEL 1001MKV amp with a Jolida Fusion Tube pre. Not sure I would us... 
How much do you need to spend on a DAC to...
Gustav1, As a followup from my last post, It seems you need to decide If you are satisfied with your system as driven by the 340C, and looking only for a DAC to improve output from your computer only, or, if you want to improve the sound from both... 
How much do you need to spend on a DAC to...
I agree with Sfar, the original V-DAcs come up for sale often used. Should be able to puchase one for ~$150 They have USB and a coax input so could be used for both computer and CD sources. The PS Audio Digital Line IIIs also go on sale here often... 
Experiences with NAD M51 DAC
The Audiophellio2 remains a top contender for my $$$. I wonder how the Bel Canto mLink or llink compares to it? 
Dunlavy SC IV or Merlin VSM M
I agree with Onhwy61 and B_limo. I have much enjoyed the contributions of Ralph, Steve N., and Bobby in this forum. Once the OP made his decision, this thread should have ended. Thread has taken a wrong turn. 
Blown Speaker??
I second Csontos, It has happened to me before. A piece of debris get trapped between free space of voice coil. Manually moving voice coil often removes this.