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Building an audio room - 12x22 - electrical plan?
+1 for # of outlets. Will your room have any HEat/AC power requirements? If so keep on separate circuit, Same true for lighting and other non audio outlets. Keep the latter two need on opposite phase from the audio circuits. 
High Current vs high power
Great Thread Kelpie! Fact for any thread that garnishes response from the likes of AL, Ralph, Bruce, Zd. It is Al's position on specs that drives my quest for understanding. 
Speaker Impedance: Resistance and Phase Question
I should add to my previous post that I first became aware of the importance of speaker reactance via John Atkinson's writings and that aspect of Stereophile,s speaker evaluation I find most informative. I have long known that reactance =resistanc... 
Speaker Impedance: Resistance and Phase Question
Thanks very much Larryi and Al. When I stated speaker phase shift I meant to say phase angle. Given the relative 'lameness' of my question, I was provided exceptional feedback. It came as no surprise given the authors. I wish to provide a little f... 
One of my best tweaks....a new listening chair
I set my chair on a 4" platform. With my Esoteric MG10s the presentation improves when my hear height is above the tweeter height IMO. 
Oppo 105 or DAC
Given your current system I agree with RW. Did you buy the 105? 
Specific question for BADA USB converter users.
Thanks for your answers Steve. 
Connections for NAD M51 DAC
Thanks Odd, After posting I did some research online and came to the same conclusion. Should have done research prior to posting. Would use AES only if I had a device that used that output. 
Specific question for BADA USB converter users.
Thanks Steve for the link. Very informative.A couple questions come to mind.1) Does the impedance issue pertain equally to USB transmission as SPDIF transmission?2) With use of purepower with the audiophillieo. How much of the benefit is due to th... 
Wyred 4 Sound - DAC2 DSD SE - Excellent upgrade
Bez, thanks for this. Very interesting approach. What type of files are you running? I am looking to replace my PS Dgital link with a new dac. I play redbook CDs as AIFF files via pure music. Any thoughts on the upgrade improvements with this play... 
room makes or breaks
2nd to Ct517 
room makes or breaks
It seems that your new setup is more 'near field' than the previous one. You are also avoiding quick sidewall reflection times and now hearing more from the speakers and less from wall reflection. Just a guess. 
Upgrade from AQ King Cobra to Columbia DBS
Bo, I take it that the 72V version is the most recent? 
Upgrade from AQ King Cobra to Columbia DBS
Seems there are 2 versions of the columbia. 48 and 72 DBS. Any comments regarding the amount of 'charge' to the shield? 
Cambridge Topaz AM10 vs Yamaha AS300 vs Onkyo
I agree with Tonyangel and Zd542. Fix the NAD. Then consider an outboard phono stage. One worth considering is the Lounge LCR, 40 dB gain, 100pF capacitance. I am using one with a Bluepoint No. 2.