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noob DAC question
I understand your desire to use a CD player. I use my disk player often. To answer your original post, buying a CD player with a coaxial digital input will save you from having to buy a separate DAC. If I was going to buy a CD player this would be... 
Advice for new Integrated amp please.
I am not sure the Sphinx would tame the brightness as would the Cronus. I have heard the Tritons with tube amplification and very much enjoyed. Call Mark at Rouge and speak to him about this. He is great to work with. 
Add DAC or mod player?
Usually the 1st thing to fail in a disk player is the transport (mechanism, laser) . I would put my money into a DAC rather than upgrading older player. You will have greater flexibility down the road with a DAC. When you need to replace the trans... 
does this sound like a wise tradeoff
Bianchi,I have not heard the 105, however it seems you have a very good digital front end as described. Why change it? Can you get a 105 to try out in your system? 
noob DAC question
Forgive me if I am redundant to aforementioned statements. You can purchase a disk player that allows access to its internal DAC, thus having digital inputs and outputs, or you can purchase a separate DAC and a cd player with digital outputs only.... 
Distance from speakers - 2-way vs. 3-way vs. ?
From my experience the ideal ratio for between speaker/from speaker distance is room size and speaker orientation driven. For many small room, long wall placement situations a near field approach may be ideal. The near field setting has the aforem... 
Mass and vibration cancelling on top of CD player?
I use low weight cast iron barbell weights (2.5, 5 lbs) to which I glued 1/8" cork on underside. 
New Speakers/Amps
Listen to the GoldenEar Triton 7. I think you will find that a sub might not be needed. I agree with previous recs for an NAD amplifier and a DAC. Keep us posted and good luck. 
UPgradeing dedicated line components
Thanks again, I am using #10 with 20 amp also. I plan on getting a IEC plug. 
Am I headed down the road to ruin here?
If you were playing redbook (44/16) cd quality files (AIFF) from your MAC, I believe it to be likely you would hear a benefit from the USB converter. Can't say about MOG. I believe coax to be superior to optical spdif connection. Would not use an ... 
Two Subs?
Rocky, Based on everything I have read concerning the use of subs, 2 are better than one, and can be more easily positioned for better bass response even without room correction. This has been stated by other posters prior to 10/17. Let us know wh... 
UPgradeing dedicated line components
Thanks Lacee, I did think about doing this myself. Makes sense to remove the outlets. Are the AC cables from the panel standard Romex? 
Looking to get my first amp, speakers and turntabl
John, How is your audio quest going? I am not familiar with the B&W 683, have heard the 685, and have owned the Studio 20s v.4. I prefer 2-way stand mount speakers. The B&W speakers mate well with Rotel amps. I have heard the Rotel 1520 an... 
Looking to get my first amp, speakers and turntabl
The Rega turntable is a good recommendation. I believe it is the RP-1 that sells for $450. Music Direct and Audio Advisor are two on line stores that will also send catalogues. Music direct currently has Focal and Epos speakers on sale if any are ... 
How many sq feet of diffusion do I need?
I would try absorption over diffusion. I believe an acoustic panel on each side wall, even if not ideally placed as to 1st reflection, and base traps in corners behind speakers would help. In addition, you will have done something which seems to b...