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What is the missing element?
I also wold have purchased Steve's products however can't afford them at this moment. I purchased a used audiopilleo2 with purepower and am happy. Haven't had it in my system long enough to provide a great deal of feedback beyond that. Can say tha... 
How does relative humidity affect our music?
Dryer air is more dense than moist air because diatomic N and O is replaced by H2O which is lighter. Truncation of sound as it travels through air is frequency dependent with higher frequencies more greatly attenuated. THe more dense the air, the ... 
Your Favorite AC Outlets
Al, great response! With minor edits for specificity your response would be appropriate in a number of threads in this forum. 
B&K preamps Pro 5, CS 117 verses Hafler DH 110
Owned a Pro-10 from 1985-2010. Sold it here on AG for $225 when it was time for a new system. Never a problem and sounded great with MM/LOMC capability. 
Size matters- recommend small system or component
I believe in the NAD D3020 recommendation. A friend of mine ordered one and I will get a chance to hear it. Reviews are positive, for what that is worth. A small footprint all in one box (DAC and integrated amp). A disk player or server would be r... 
CD won't Rip
Of some 400+ CDs I have ripped, only 2 were not accepted by a disk drive. Both of these would play in a disk player. Don't know why. 
Redbook CD Is Not Dead
Most of my collection is CD based. Most of my recent purchases have been CDs, few SACDs. I think it is a shame that at the time when quality CD players are available at all budget levels, the medium has become out of favor (not for me). Higher bit... 
Line Magnetic LM-502CA DAC & Alternatives...
You seem to like the sound with tube output stage. Very few DACs under $2000 have this. Peachtree audio comes to mind. Good advice from Ghasley. 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
Given that you use a PC (I use MAC) and your source will consist of ripped CDs and internet radio, then you might go with the soundcard and the non-usb DAC option. With the soundcard you will only need a digital cable and not both digital and USB.... 
what is my system's weakest link?
I've been watching this thread and almost responded a couple times. I see much good advice without general consensus. You like your speakers, so I would keep them. Many posters have indicated that power may be limiting to get the most out of them.... 
Ways to improve DAC performance???
The M2Tech Hiface USB/SPDIF converter plugs directly into the USB port thus avoiding need for USB cable. They retail for around $200, often come up used on AG for about $110. Another option is the Music Fidelity V-Link. 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
I have been using a M2Tech Hiface which plugs directly into USB port thus avoiding need for USB cable. Have just purchased a used Audiophellio2 with power supply. Haven't received it yet, should have it in play next week. I used the hiface with a ... 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
Seems to me that your chosen option should work out well for you. I use the USB/ SPDIF route. Feel it is better than using onboard USB in inexpensive DACs. The Juli@ should also be an improvement. No experience with one however. Enjoy! 
Schiit Bifrost plus ESI Juli or Bifrost USB
The bitfrost costs $350 w/o USB or $450 w/ usb. Is this your budget or are considering a greater budget? 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
Springbok, I own a Fusion and enjoy it very much. Please let us know what you think of the MK2 version.