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The quest
I also agree with Charles. Was a strong vinyl advocate throughout the 90s. Now I primarily play via computer set up as server. Actually not that difficult to set up quality digital system. 
What do I need to set up digital music server?
Steve, do you recommend use of a reclocker between disk player used as transport and DAC? 
help me "face the music"?
+1 Foster. I also use the audiophilleo2 with purepower. 
help me "face the music"?
Lots of great advise given. I encourage you to go forward, not a complicated as it might at first seem.I use itunes on a macbook pro to store, catalog, and rip CDs. I use error correction in itunes for ripping. I rip to AIFF, apples format which c... 
Tone Controls can be so nice.
After further thought, one use for tone controls might be within a system that must be placed in a multi purpose room (family) as apposed to a dedicated audio room which can be better tuned with room treatments and where loudness may not be an iss... 
Does your system sound better than most demo's?
When i hear a demo system that really impresses me I pay as much attention to how it is set up and how the room was tuned as I do to the equipment. This is from one who enjoys the 'study' of sound pressure flow within an audio space as electron fl... 
Recommend an Entry Level Turntable
I believe you would be happy with either the Pro-ject debut carbon or the Rega RP-1. Both highly regarded at the price point. After a couple years a new cartridge makes for an easy upgrade. Turntables last a long time, I have had mine near 30 year... 
Why use DAC w/ server equipped w/ one already?
Given your situation, I agree with RW. Purchase the disk player since that seems to be your priority. Both players you mention allow access to the internal DAC. Should you wish at a later date to also use server, you can use the player as a DAC. I... 
Does your system sound better than most demo's?
Though I have long hoped to attend an audio show, I have not yet had this experience. It seems to me however that it is difficult to set up a high end system in a fashion that best displays its sonic worth under show constraints. I have heard many... 
Tone Controls can be so nice.
Nonoise, nice OP and follow-up. Thanks for sharing.Dreadhead, thanks.Holiday cheers to all! 
Tone Controls can be so nice.
I stand by my opinion regarding playback, tone control use by others, and my choice. Never intended a 'jab'. Dreadhead, water off my back. 
rookie audiophile upgrading speakers
I agree with Lowrider. However, even with this information, due to the subjectivity inherent is making a speaker choice, it is difficult for one to recommend a speaker system that will best suit another. When auditioning speakers, take your amp to... 
Tone Controls can be so nice.
Ones room alone prohibits playback identical to that intended by producer/engineer. There is no reason to discount the use of tone controls to those who find benefit from there use. My current pre lacks tone controls, and when I had them in my sys... 
Bored with my B&W Zepplin Air
I would not be concerned about single driver speakers. They can be most cohesive and likely error by rolling off frequency extremes, at least those meant for desktop use. Given your post, this should not be a problem, possibly a benefit. Find spea... 
Looking for integrated amp with phono for starter
Things to ask your friend: What is budget for turntable as budget for amp is broad.As asked previously, what are the speakers?Any desire to go tubes?