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ASR Emitter 1 , Does can drive B&W 802d ?
thanksDealer can arrange a test in home for confidence and whit your help i think It must work !or may be have to change one of them !have good time whit music 
ASR Emitter 1 , Does can drive B&W 802d ?
thank for answers friendsmy space is about 10m - 4.5m .i don't listen always loudbut some times , yes!a dealer in australia (northsidehifi)said to me that thayhad a good experience whit those and had a demo of them for a year.and whit your experie... 
Mission 765 vs 765i - how do they compare?
I haven't heard 765 vs but i have a pair of 765i .i think in this range it is good ( neutrality & textur ...)but its strongly depend to amp matching . i have a littlehoom in bus ( whith onkyo integra 817ex ) but whith a better amp ( that i hea...