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Class D is just Dandy!
@scott_w I have a pair of Cherry Amp 60V King Marischinos. Prior to, I auditioned Merrill Audio's Taranis; I ordered the Cherries afterwards. I was impressed with both. Both needed about 4 hrs of music before sounding good. Honestly I find all ste... 
Class D is just Dandy!
This back-n-forth between class D and class A reminds me of the raging debate in the late 70's / early 80's over V8 engines and the up-and-coming 6s and 4s. Nobody, back then, could have imagined a 6 or lowly 4 producing the horsepower and torque ... 
Class D is just Dandy!
@jdavis37 Not all Class D manufacturers use third-party amplifier modules. Check of Digital Amplifier Company. He designs his own Class D amps, or at least that's what he says (see website.) I own a pair on his Maraschinos and I love 'em. I also h... 
I'm late to the party, as usual, but as a owner of a pair of MM deCapo BEs I wanted to make a comment. I bought mine new in May 2017. They are gloss piano black with the beryllium tweeters. I bought the adjustable stands too. At first listen, I th... 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
@lancelock  My speakers are 92db efficient. What's your opinion on how well the ZOTL40 will drive them? 
Would appreciate advice on speaker-amp pairing
absolutely agree with Erik...try out both amps with the SFs then decide. And by try-out, I mean at least a weekend with each amp before making your decision. 
Rate my system and chose the next upgrade
make sure your CD player and turntable are isolated from vibrations. Make sure your speaker spike reach thru the carpet to the sub-floor. Make sure to tame any reflections from side walls and or corrections as Erik stated. 
What makes you build a system around an amplifier?
I’ve never had an amp I felt that way about, but: I would keep and design around an amplifier if it had high input impedance, several taps to accommodate different output impedances, at least average wattage, and good gain. If class A/B, I want to... 
I need help, please? Listening to my system through music!
I have similar regrets. I had a pair of Thiel CS 2 2s and traded them off because I wanted to go with tubes. I should have kept the speakers and put more money into a better amp. Speaking of amps, how new is this amp you bought? If it’s relatively... 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
@lancelock wow I will have to check out the ZOTL 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
@defiantboomerang, If you decide to go with decware, let me know your thoughts. 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
To the OP, I remember that look but it appears they have reverted to a more traditional design. Anyway, to each his own. Have you checked out Look there and see if they have something more to your liking. And 'no', I am not compensate... 
Class D is just Dandy!
I experimented with two Class D amps in my system; Merrill Audio's Taranis and Digital Amplifier Company's Maraschino Monoblocks. My system consists of an Esoteric X-03 SE CD/SACD player -> PS Audio DirectStream DAC -> amp -> Reference 3A... 
Bad experience with Red Dragon Audio
@barnettk...Just want to chime-in with my support. I've been wondering about RD. Glad I came across this post, and happy to hear things are getting worked out. I emailed RD over the weekend and haven't received a reply. I just hit him up on facebo... 
I took the plunge - PS Audio Stellar DAC and S300
To the OP,Are you still enjoying your S300s?