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Oppo 105. Problems with crossover?
Mgattmchchanged stereo signal from stereo to front right/left and crossover works now. Seems like that info would have been in the manual. Thanks again 
Oppo 105. Problems with crossover?
Thanks. I will try the different settings mentioned and see what happens. Sounds as if full range or crossover is an option for mains.  
Using JL Audio Esub with Merlin VSM
I recently hooked up 1 E10 using Oppo sub out & crossover. I used test cd and instructions from Barry O. As suggested in this thread.-crawl around method -set distance on sub speaker placement to sure up timing-dialed in phase deg. By invertin... 
Using JL Audio Esub with Merlin VSM
Lancein your set up, what is your source to sub? Are you forced to use the sub as second volume control? JL does recommend using line level vs high level input. That would allow to use either Oppo or JL's crossover....using Oppo crossover would el... 
Using JL Audio Esub with Merlin VSM
Surely someone has some valuable experience with JL?.... 
Any thoughts on Ridgestreet Audio Poima!!! Cables
Spencer,Did you compare any other cable to the Golden Ref. with Merlin ? My only reference point now is the Poiema. They are a silver cable, so they lean toward detail over warm. Im not really unhappy...but would prefer a little smoother ride.I kn... 
Help me decide – Revel or Focal
My experience with Focal is a tendency to be bright. You would need to be very selective in what you pair with them. 
How do you open up a Thor 1000 M2 linestage
Bob,are you still looking for preamp? 
Looking to hear from Thor owners
Thor owners:I have a TA-!000 for sale. If interested let me know. 
Why so many JL Audio Fathom subs for sale I wonder
MartinWhat did you think of the JL's you heard? 
Marantz sa-11s3
CobraPlease keep us posted on your impression of sa3. What other gear do you have? 
Best preamp 2k or under, new or used
Thor TA-1000 was the best money i have spent so far. May be worth a look. 
Integrated Amp for Focal 1027be speakers
do the focals still sound bright? 
Do you have a SONOS ? If so, i need help please.
i tried sonos straight to Thor preamp and used Marantz sa-8004 as dac. DAC route sounds much better. I am very happy with it...especially convenience. 
Light switch and amp
circuit for amp receptacle and light switch may be tied together & picking up backfeed